Hard Magic mass market paperback out today

The paperback for Hard Magic is out today. If you haven’t read any of the Grimnoir series, this is where you should start (because it is awesome). If you have read it already in hardcover or trade, then you owe it to yourself to buy ten extra loaner copies so as to not endanger your precious hardcover.


I plugged this last week with this awesome advertisement that really everything that needs to be said about why you should go buy this book. https://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2012/04/19/advertisement-hard-magic-mass-market-paperback-out-next-week/  Because I am always so in tune with current events, it was the first post that I had a hooker serve as a spokesperson for MHN, but because I had a thumbnail of a hotchick show up on Facebook I got a couple thousand extra hits. If the Nigerians have taught us anything, it is that dudes will click on any link, no matter how odd, if there are boobs on it.

So from our Colombian spokeshooker:

Esta libro es muy bueno. Es mejor que el Secret Service.

13 Responses

  1. So you fixed that thing there before they printed the MM, right?

  2. Wait what? article???
    I was distracted again sorry.

  3. Article? What article….. hello, miss!

  4. The picture needs to link to the book’s retail page.

  5. So, like, are you selling boobs or books? I’ll buy both.

  6. Seems the Secret Service forgot the secret part of being serviced secretly.

  7. When is the 3rd grimnoir book due to be published?

  8. Got the email announcing this article. Opened it at work, boobs and all. Fortunately:
    1: I’m the IT admin, so all my stuff is ok by definition.
    2: My workplace is very easy going. Guns brought into the workplace spark freestyle show and tell. The owner is subject to interrogation: what is it? where did you get it? how much did it cost? how does it feel? Do they have any more for sale? Does walmart stock the ammo?
    3: Legally clothed boobs, not as welcome as guns or fast cars, but still tolerable.

    All I can say is, it’s a big internet. Please try to get better boobs next time. I will volunteer to find you boob pictures if you need the help.

    No, really! I was going to find them anyway. It’s no trouble.

  9. I’ll take 2!

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