An interview with me on the Otherwhere Gazette

Oh, they know me well. And they even used my Christmas tetsubo picture. 🙂

13 Responses

  1. I especially liked your advice to aspiring writers … sort of says it all, doesn’t it?

    Good interview.

  2. Those allegations about the manatee fighting rings were all just viscous rumor! Those manatees were just playing, everyone knows manatees love to chainsaw joust riding ATVs on a narrow ramp over a pit filled with landmines and punji sticks.

  3. Advice recorded for posterity:

    A. Practice until you get good enough that people will give you money for your stuff.
    B. Find the people who will give you money for your stuff.
    — Larry Correia, Author of “Monster Hunter International”

  4. Hey, what is the “TV deal under your belt”?

  5. Hey thanks for the link back!

  6. Faye is not psychotic. She’s just… linear. Really, really, really… linear.

  7. Be careful with John Ringo, he starts wars, really long wars. (and I’m still waiting for the next installments in all of them)

    • The problem is not so much that they are long is that he never sticks with one long enough to finish.

  8. Sooo, are manatee fighting rings as exciting as snail racing?

  9. Good interview. Speaking of a tetsubo, the protagonist on Grimm used one this week while fighting a couple of assassins.

  10. I cannot get enough of MHI and Hard Magic. They are fantastic series. I really like that you take readers to the cliff edge, but instead of saving us at the last minute, you take us over the edge and down to the bottom. I have frequently heard myself saying, “What are they going to do NOW?” Keep up the good work. Also, the guys who read for the audio books are top shelf. Who would have thought Balki Bartokomous (sp?) was one of the greatest actors of his time?

  11. I really like the cluebat. If you ever switch to Chinese, may I recommend the Wolfs Tooth Staff?

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