New book out in a couple of weeks

Since I’m getting an Instalanche right now, all of you new visitors should know that when I am not answering hate mail from angry self righteous liberals I write novels about hunting monsters for fun and profit.

This one is a hardcover omnibus of my first 3 put together.

Or if you like a little fantasy in your alternative history, here is the reason why I had to learn so darn much about the obnoxious big government political movements of the 1930s.

15 Responses

  1. I predict instant MEGA awesome with this omnibus. Gorgeous cover, too. And you? Getting angry hate mail from lefties? You??? (LOL) Go get ’em, Larry!

  2. The artist had to put the lady into D and D armor … if it doesn’t show cleavage, you lose armor points.

  3. If he has to go that route, the bottom need to stay open as well, otherwise hot brass will get stuck there.

  4. I like the rain of brass. But couldn’t the artist do 15 seconds of research to put Abomination in Owen’s hands?

  5. Julie looks like Crispin Glover in a wig.

  6. I don’t know which is better entertainment, the books or the answering hate mail from left wing loonies. I’ll have to buy more of the books and research further.

  7. Any word on when the Legion ARC will be available? I need to figure out when to start rereading the series.

  8. Given that I own all three of the Monster Hunter series (bought locally – I am that kind of [lower-case-“c”] conservative), I ask privilege to put a Question before this House: There are monsters, and there are MONSTERS — which is worse, supernatural monsters like vampires, werewolves, zombies etcetera, or the likes of hands-on operatives of the Red Terror and the Holocaust, not only the people who ordered the atrocities but also the people who performed these atrocities?

    • People in government are the real monsters. The physical monsters are usually identifiable by their appearance, behavior or physical properties. Government monsters look just like regular people. But they are willing to use physical monsters. people or administrative organizations to meet their own ends.

  9. I there any reason that Julie appears to be holding one of those Chinese bullpup assault rifles?

  10. Great work Larry – all your books have been good reads.

    A lttle more high explosive emplyment would be great

    Ie. claymores with silver ball bearing for weres and vamps, normal for regular monsters and zombies

  11. Bullpups? Really?


    Love the books! This is just a nerdy gunnie cover gripe. Needs bigger boobs too.


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