The Monster Hunters omnibus is out soon, with the most absurd eBook prices EVAR!!

And Uncle Hugo’s has signed copies. (you can also preorder signed copies of Monster Hunter Legion there too).

If you want an eBook for your Kindle, Nook, or eReader:  And that is only $6.

SIX DOLLARS for all 3 MH novels. That is HALF a CENT per PAGE!!!

I’m thinking about doing some sort of spread the word contest for this next week.

12 Responses

  1. I would’ve bought it had I not already bought the original 3 e-books already.

  2. I already have the individual ebooks, but the omnibus ebook may make a great gift!

  3. Being I both cheap and lazy, how could I resist such an offer?

  4. All 3 at one click? Being I am both lazy and cheap, how could I refuse such a kind offer 🙂

  5. Gotta love Baen’s eBook pricing.

  6. So when is Baen going to have MH: Legion in eArc? I see they’ve already got the final copy up on the site, with a set release date.

  7. Fantastic! Have to add these to my reading list! Might go for the signed copies instead though

  8. i bought it. im tired of lending my books out and not getting them back.

  9. Had the original 3, bought it anyway!

  10. OK…apparently my last comment was deleted because someone (ahem) didn’t think I’d happily purchase the omnibus while having the three existing books already. As you can clearly see, I did:

  11. Hey Larry,

    I was watching a recent ‘Sons of Guns’ episode on the Discovery channel, and it turns out the team are big zombie movie fans. They had Max Brooks on to help devise and build the best ‘Zombie killin’ weapon.

    It would be cool as part of the run up to MH Legion if you had a chance to visit and see if they could work on a special project for you (hint: rhymes with real life ‘Abomination’). Just a suggestion….


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