Geeky Hobbies, Skorne Warlock Zaal for Hordes game

This guy is coming out pretty nicely. I still need to do a few little touch ups and clear coat. The writing on his cloak is Skornish for “Howard Tayler’s troll army is delicious and tastes like chicken.”  Photo snapped last night on my iPhone. He’s looking good enough that I’m going to have to bust out the light box and real camera.

The dead guy and shield on the base are styled after Steve Diamond’s Menoth army. Go figure.


Edit: And here are some Karax

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  1. We need to have an MHI Warmahordes tournament at a con you attend. I can bring both Khador and Circle.

    BTW, your painting is great.

  2. Very nice paint job! I play Khador and Trollbloods myself. And I’m with Tim… an MHI Warmahordes would be awesome 🙂

  3. Khador and Skorne here.

    Your painting is improving big time. Zaal is one of my favorite casters for no other reason than the image of an army of automatonic statues marching to war powered by the spirits of the living who get cut down. Rules-wise he can be tricky. Hakaar is a must with him in my opinion. You can transfer damage to him and he can heal from killing stuff. This reminds me that I need to check out the Titan and Cyclops plastic kits first hand.

  4. Wow. Lots of Khador guys. I like them a lot, but Dan Wells was already playing Khador in my local group so I wanted to do something different. I’ve got a pretty good Skorne army, and my next one will probably be Mercenaries (Damiano).

    • I started with Khador long before Hordes was even released (I bought my Khador starter box a couple of months before Escalation was released). I’ve only played with them once since MK2, though. It’s a shame since I’ve got most of what was released up to the MK2 point, but I’ve been playing Skorne mostly in MK2. I find I enjoy the Fury mechanic a little more than Focus. There is no better face smasher in the Iron Kingdoms than Butcher, though, and for that alone the Motherland will always have a special place in my heart. And also for Karchev. And Doomreavers. And for only having heavy ‘jacks. Okay, basically anything that breaks stuff with no subtlety or elegance. Have you seen any of the preview stuff that PP has released so far for the update of the IKRPG?

  5. Great job- nice transitions between shade and highlight.

    What did you use for the base?

    • The base is just green stuff, that I stuck little bits of rock. Then I painted it deserty, and put some more sand and grass frock on top. The skeleton is a Reaper bit, and the shield is leftover from an Anima Tactics mini.

      • I’ve been looking at the plaster rock molds for train sets, and have made some pretty good small rocks using silicone mold putty and Alumite casting resin. Just mix the putty, smoosh in a rock or wood chip from the yard, wait an hour and pour in the resin. Light weight and the mold is reusable.

        PVA glue plus sand gives a nice solid rock as well, and cheaper (and easier) than green stuff or milliput.

        You’re getting good at this.

  6. Very nice paint job. ‘Nother Khador player here,though I do dabble with Menoth and Retribution. Don’t normally do tourneys, but a mhi warmahordes one I’d make time for.

  7. I’m a Warhammer 40k guy myself.

  8. Great paint job, and nice touches on the mini-diorama (is the skeleton’s arm attached to the shield on the base?). Have you experimented with ink washes at all?

  9. Love what you did with the “old man”. As a skorne enthusiast, and Zaal in particular, this brightened my day. I find the old man to be a hoot to play. Plus a well-painted “Zaal army” gets coolness points for apearance alone. Two thumbs up.

    • I love playing Zaal. When you time his feat just right it is awesome. I’m definatly having a lot more luck at 50 points than at 35. More dead infantry that way. 🙂

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