Do I have fans in the Ft. Belvoir Virginia area?

Hey guys, planning my tour in September.

Who lives near Ft. Belvoir? And can you go on base?

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  1. as long as you have somebody sign you in.

  2. Right now, under normal security conditions, most anyone can get on base. You have to jump through a few hoops if you don’t have a DoD issued ID, but they’re more time consuming than hard. Here at Fort Lee (about 2-ish hours south of Belvoir), it’s a matter of using a particular gate, and registering with the guard (who does all the writing) and possibly getting your vehicle searched. Last time I was at Ft. Belvoir, they had a similar setup, but it’s been a few years and might’ve changed.

  3. You most definitely have fans there! I work in the INSCOM building on Belvoir. I’m not sure what the procedure for getting someone signed in would be.

  4. If you are in Virginia, you should really hit the Hampton Roads area as well. We are flooded with military bases down here, along with being the home of the largest Naval base in the world. I’m pretty sure you’ve got a few fans here and there down this way.

    • Largest Navy base in the world, plus a Marine base and SEAL base. Yeah, definitely come on down to Virginia Beach.

    • Yep, come 3 hours South to Virginia Beach and I will personally give you a tour of VFA 87 and some F/A-18s! Fawning admiration can be included if required. You can even have some Navy coffee with us (a bit ummm “strong” for the uninitiated though).

      • F-18 are REALY cool (just to help reinforce the invite). There is an airplane museum here as well on NAS Oceana since we are the only East Coast master jet base. We have freebies too!

  5. )-= for various and modest values of Near.

    APG would welcome your presence!

  6. Larry: Off topic, but do you reload? And if so, what bullets?

  7. Darn it! I used to live in that area and my dad — USNRet. — could easily get you on. Clearly you have an in up thread, but … your trips to So. Cal. seem few and far between. 😦

    • That makes no sense. I meant, people who can meet you in Ft. Belvoir are lucky ducks while those of us living in stupid LaLa Land are bereft. πŸ˜‰

  8. I could, as I have some DOD access. But I’d much rather you stop by DC itself! You can thumb your nose at Capitol Hill as you pass by.

  9. Here’s hoping you make it to Oregon again on this tour.

  10. So what do have against the south? We do read down here you know, sometimes without moving our lips πŸ™‚

  11. come to Lynchburg in central virginia

  12. Plod your doing a tour your should also hit up the b&nin union station in dc

  13. Hey, I live just down the road! If you head out this way, I’llhave had books signed in AZ, UT, and VA!

  14. How about not being on a base tour? ;-; Some of us can’t go in.

  15. Hey Larry, I used to work at Belvoir myself, and lived close by at the time. Now I live maybe an hour away over in Sterling. I’m game.

  16. Im in virginia beach, but if im not deployed id go … And if its fall ill bring a bow. Good deer hunting on that base.

  17. I live at opposite end of Fairfax Co. from Ft. Belvoir. Can get on base. Look forward to meeting you in person.

  18. It’s kind of far for me, but with a few weeks notice, I can probably get down to NE Virginia. Getting on a closed military base, however, might be an issue (no DOD clearance/connections, and I’m probably on a watch list…)

  19. Larry, my wife and I are in one (or two depending on how you count it) county away on the Maryland side of DC. We still have our hats from Dragon*Con but are not DoD.

  20. I’m retired Air Force, live about 15 minutes away from Ft. Belvoir, and would be happy to meet up. Escorted, base access is workable. Post a note when you get your schedule set up.

  21. Sigh. I used to be in that area. Now, Ft. Carson…

  22. Yeah man you have plenty of fans in that area, I can’t get on base myself. But if you pick a venue off base I bet alot of people would show up. NOVA has a alot of military and gun enthusiasts so I would imagine that would be a bread and butter type fanbase for you.

  23. I can get there, and get on base. Just let me know when. There can be a STFU reunion.

  24. Northern VA myself, though not sure if they will let civilians on the base without someone signing us in as a guest. Does it have to be Fort Belvoir itself,f NOVA has a billion other spots that soldiers and civilians alike can attend πŸ˜€

  25. I live in Fairfax and can get onto Belvoir – I’d love to attend a signing anywhere in the NOVA area.

  26. I am in the vague vicinity of Ft. Belvoir. We used to go to the commissary there. It’s not terribly easy to get to, but I too think it is possible to get on base with any id. It is probably easier if you have at least one DoD id among a car’s passengers.

    If you are going to be that close, perhaps you could get to Manassas? Or at least a DC location or two? I can’t wait for your east coast tour.

  27. Off-topic but related, are you open to requests? Should we contact your publisher or agent with those? Would it be cheesy to ask you to come to Birmingham, Alabama? I mean, I don’t think it would. I would throw a party!

  28. Larry how can we convince you to come to our store in Cedar City?

    • I just need to let you know the next time I’m going to be driving down I-15. I just don’t know when that is though.

  29. You should be able to set up something with the post Public Affairs Office. If you search around you should be able to find the number for them.

  30. Not sure if I can get on the base (I’m a civilian govvie, but my ID probably doesn’t work anywhere but my building), but I’m willing to try if I have a little notice. Or, maybe you could be at the Barnes & Noble that is close to the base? I think it’s the one in Springfield, VA, and it’s across the street from the main mall, which has lots of parking.

  31. Civilian here, grew up near Ft. Belevoir and never traveled too far from the tree. Would be swell if you had an appearance where normal(ish) folks could attend. Heck, I might even break down and get that monstrous trilogy-tome (thereby making it my fourth purchase of the series in addition to ARC, hardcopy, Kindle) and ask you to sign it.

  32. Do you have a place where your tour stops are shown? I’d like to see if you’ll be close by.

    FWIW, I’m assigned to Scott AFB, in the People’s Republik of Illinois, which is about 20 minutes east of St Louis. It’s not an exciting base, but I can hook you up with the PA folks here.

  33. I work at a shooting range just down the road from Ft. Belvoir (literally, its about 2 miles). Stop by on Wednesday night and pop off a few rounds. You’ll be welcome anytime, but I only work Wednesday nights. If you let us know ahead of time, I can guarantee a roomful of MHI fans.

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