My friend opened up a survival store  My buddy Zach just opened up this online store that sells survival supplies. I’ve not looked through it yet. He’s just gotten started and is looking for feedback.

This is the same guy that runs Minimum Wage Historian (and he’s also in my new L5R campaign, but you’ve not got to read that serial yet).

2 Responses

  1. If he needs any graphic design/advertising work done I am available at fair price!

  2. I have the water filter (Vario) that he has on his sixth page. Good filter. Kept seven scouts hydrated for three days up in the Windrivers (Marms Lake) the summer before last when the troop’s other filters all pooped out.

    He also has it for a competitive price ($95). When I bought mine, most places (Sportsman’s Warehouse/Garts) were selling it for over $110.

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