Monster Hunter Legion eBook is available NOW  It looks like you can get the MHL eBook already.

15 Responses

  1. Already downloaded and planning on reading tonight.

  2. Damn, my preorder won’t get here till the 8th…

  3. I am holding out for the audio book. 🙂

  4. Any major changes to note from the eARC?

  5. Um… I purchased the eARC of Monster Hunter Legion from Baen in May of this year. Didn’t they tell you?

  6. Review to be posted by EBR on Monday >:)

  7. Damn you! I just started the first day of school today. But I can’t not read your books. This is going to be a rough first week of school.

  8. Baen already had the ebook up for purchase last week. Purchased, downloaded, next in the queue to read.

    See you in Burlington on 6 September!

  9. I got my MHL e-book from Baen for free by playing the PlanetBaen game until I got credit for a free e-book… back on Aug 21st.

    On Aug 22, I had to struggle through work on 3 hours of sleep.

    Not to worry: my pre-order of the paperback from Amazon is still coming so my library doesn’t have a hole in it.

  10. DL’d Tuesday night and started. I had to put book 3 of Game of Thrones aside but I need a MHI fix.

  11. Just finished it a few minutes ago. I really enjoy spending time with Z and the crew. I get sucked in and can’t get out, kind of like a pocket dimension in my mind except without the nightmares.
    Thanks for writing it. How far along are you on the next one?

    • I’m working on Warbound (3rd Grimnoir) right now. Swords of Exodus (Dead 6 II) is mostly done. Haven’t started Monster Hunter Nemesis.

      • At least there is a title, which means a semi tied together idea. When can we expect you to start torturing us with small spoilers like all writers love to do?

  12. Downloading it! I appreciate Z and crew because they’ve never cocked the hammer back on a glock, or loaded a fresh clip in their handguns.

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