Personalized signed copies of Monster Hunter Legion

I’ve posted this before, but just got asked again. If you want to get personalized autographed copies of my books, you can order them from here:

I’ll be signing at Uncle Hugo’s in mid September, and I can personalize them to you there, then they ship them.

5 Responses

  1. Too bad you can’t personalize the audiobooks! Record a short message before it plays. Maybe you could have a drawing and do that for one or two winners?

  2. Already have my order in with Uncle Hugo

  3. I already own the ebook and ordered through Amazon for the regular signed copy. I guess i need to get a 3rd copy now.

  4. I’m thinking that I should have ordered through Uncle Hugo instead of Amazon, if I wanted a signed copy. I just received an e-mail from Amazon today that says the limited edition signed book is delayed yet again 😦 Estimated shipping is now Sept 21 – 27. What’s going on with these editions at Amazon, Larry?

  5. Will they ship abroad? I am from India and would love to have an autographed copy.

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