Monster Hunter Legion review and first signing tonight

Here is the review from EBR.

My tour kicks off today with a signing at the Layton UT B&N starting at 7.

Tomorrow night I will be signing at Flights of Fantasy in Albany NY starting at 7.

Thursday I’ll be signing at the Middlesex Turnpike B&N in Burlington, MA at 7.

I will be on the road, but I will be posting updates here the whole time. Also, I will be doing dinners with you guys. I think we’ve got one in Burlington and then again in Long Island over the weekend. Details coming soon.

24 Responses

  1. See you in Burlington! Can’t wait, nice way to end the work day.

  2. You’re starting the signing at 7pm tomorrow, do you know what time you’ll be going to? I have class till 8pm tomorrow and it’s a half hour drive from school.

  3. Aw, come on Larry! You really need to pay a visit to Oklahoma.

  4. We need to find you food in Albany.

  5. Will see you in Burlington. Are there any openings for dinner?

  6. Any other signings going to happen in Utah down the road? Maybe in the Salt Lake Valley? =)

  7. Larry,

    How long are you normally staying for the signings? I was going to go to the one in NJ, but my flight doesn’t get in that day until you start at 7 pm.


  8. Can’t wait til you get to Uncle Hugo’s. I had to order a copy, and am excited to get it.

  9. Have you (or whoever does these things) sent a copy to Glenn Reynolds AKA Instapundit yet? He’s a fan and talk about getting the word out …

  10. Hey Larry, any details about NYC dinner or signings? I’m psyched about the new book!

  11. Any chance you will be going to Chicago??

  12. It was a pleasure to meet you tonight, thank you for taking the time for a meet and greet with your fans, it is appreciated.

  13. Larry,

    See if you can take a look at the Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters trailer that just came out. It reminds me of the European hunters in MHL: heavy wooded areas, evil creatures, and a crapload of firepower. Fun…


  14. Just saw the first copies of the new book in the local B&N down here in the Tampa Bay area.

  15. Just saw Larry at the signing in Hicksville, Long Island. Thanks Larry for all the time and tales as well as to your publisher. I was there with my son, little Kenny, and in te Hawaiian shirt.

    Remember, Fire Bad.

  16. Hi my name is Andrea Boardman My husband and his friend had you sing Happy Birthday to me at the Layton signing and I wanted to thank you, I was so exited and it was awesome of you to do. Thank you.
    Your number one female fan!

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