Get killed by Agent Franks for prostate cancer

Check this out.

I’ve known Jay Grazio on the internet, but met him for the first time on tour while in Boston. He is doing Kilted To Kick Cancer. Check it out. There is a raffle, and tickets are $10 each. One of the prizes is a Monster Hunter prize pack. It has all of my books autographed, an autographed Legion poster, and best of all, a redshirting.

The redshirting means that I will use your name and basic description (as much as I can) and use you as a character in Monster Hunter Nemesis. And since Franks kills a LOT of people in Nemesis, you will probably be one of them. Though stranger things have happened, and my previous charity redshirts have wound up in all sorts of weird places and some have turned into pretty big supporting characters.

This is a raffle, so it is like gambling. So you may lose, and somebody else will get redshirted, but hey, either way you get to give to a good cause and help fight prostate cancer!

The next chance to get redshirted will be during the MHI Employee Handbook and Role Playing Game Kickstarter we are running in October.

18 Responses

  1. Great idea, enroute now, thanks!

  2. My $10 bucks is in, and I hope I can get killed. 😀

    Wish I’d had the money to get in the last round, and hope the kid is doing great. Any update on them?

  3. I’m in! Dream come true if I manage to win this one. 🙂

  4. Will go there now. Good cause, good prizes. What’s not to love?

  5. $50 sent Jay’s way. KTKC is a great cause, and those guys are a great group.

    But if I win? We gotta talk about how Franks kills a woman… 😀

    War Eagle!

  6. If you’ve been killed before, would it be bad form to be killed again?

  7. One important thing: I have six different items up for grabs. Please send me an e-mail (you can find it on my blog) to let me know which prize package you want your tickets to go towards.

    And thanks for donating!

  8. Sounds like a good cause. In for one.

  9. When I get home, I’ll toss my name in the hat.

  10. A donation for a good cause and the chance to be immortalized in a Monster Hunter novel, who could resist? I donated my $10 and I’m going to donate another $10 in my son’s name (he’s a poor college student).

  11. Donated and look forward to seeing the results of the lottery.

  12. But he didn’t redshirt Nancy! Then again Nancy is too mean to die.

  13. Already donated to another participant (two words…latex catsuit) but this certainly is a good cause.

    Get checked!

  14. Sent. Thanks Larry

  15. No wonder Jay G is kicking everyone’s ass so hard in KTKC. He cheated.

    I approve. I mean, it’s a damned good cheat. I’ve been supporting Stingray in KTKC, and now even I want to go give Jay $10, just for the chance to die at ol’ Frankie’s hand. 😉

  16. Larry, so who are the ‘winner’ for this charity? Now that I have the eARC?

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