Geeky Hobbies: Sunday Afteroon Painting that got finished on Monday

Because nothing says Colombus Day quite like a giant, angry, steampunk robot. Or, I got the day off so I did a ton of writing and then got to take the night off to paint something.  I still need to do some touch ups, clear coat, and add the basing, but right now I think he is looking pretty darn good.

I tried doing a little experiment for rust and damage. I think I’m going to go back and hit the rust with some oranger highlights, and them some darker spots in the middle of the big patches.

EDIT: And while I was waiting to download the new Mass Effect ending, I went ahead and based him with kitty litter, a rock, and some flocking. I wanted it to look like he was crashing through a dry stream bed.

EDIT: I modified this model because it had about the dumbest stance a steam powered robot could have. So it went from squatting to running. Rather pleased with my mad needle nose plier, Dremel tool, and super glue skillz. 🙂

Not too shabby considering part of that leg is what was left over from a spue.



Some Halbies. Done later, but stuck the photo here so I can post it to the Privateer Press page. 🙂

4 Responses

  1. I find red and red-orange glazes/inks go a long way for rust. Thin ’em quite a bit and you can layer up to your comfort level.

  2. I like it. I think the rust spots are just right. Great job.

  3. Pig iron, brass and old, worn wood. Visually appealing. ^^

  4. Ah yes, the bodyguard Vanguard. Someday I shall own one and call him, “Yojimbot”.

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