I’ll admit that I’m excited for tonight’s debate

My favorite Joe Biden picture



I will admit, I am looking forward to tonight. It is all up to Joe Biden to save the day. Joe Biden has been training hard. Joe Biden is gonna’ come out swinging! Joe Biden will do cartoon voices! Joe Biden once wrestled a bear! And WON! Joe Biden graduated top of his law school class, top of his college class, top of his space marine class, and was voted most likely to overdose on cough syrup! Joe Biden once shoved twenty seven pieces of chalk up a single nostril. Joe Biden played college football. Joe Biden played DEATH BALL.  Joe Biden has never plagarized anyone. Joe Biden wants to raise your taxes by a trillion dollars because that is more fair. Joe Biden gets lap dances from biker chicks because he can! Joe Biden is banned from 7-11. Joe Biden is going to go down to Mexico and stay low until the heat blows over.

I read an article on the Huffington Post about how Joe Biden is going to surprise everyone with his badassitude tonight. (why yes, I do read the HuffPo. You’ve got to know your enemy. Which is really ironic, since liberal douches that come on here to argue with me always call me a Fox news drone).  The article was sure Joe would dominate, and used examples from his past to show what a masterdebator Joe is… Sadly, the most recent example they had was from 1987 where Biden and Ted Kennedy tag teamed Robert Bork.

So… Your evidence for Joe’s awesome mental abilities comes from when I was in junior high school… Yes. Keep on drinking that Kool Aid. You know Joe is gonna come through for you! Joe Biden is gonna save you. Paul Ryan wants to PUT YA’LL BACK IN CHAINS!!!!

Obama dropped the ball so now only Joe Biden can save the day. Joe BIDEN! JOOOE BIIiiiDEN!!!


ever notice how the folks off to the side of Joe Biden always have that same facial expression?

30 Responses

  1. “Joe Biden once shoved twenty seven pieces of chalk up a single nostril.”

    Was it his nostril?

  2. Joe Biden is the best Vice President ever. Screw sobriety, I’m pretty sure he’s just tanked all the time. Like, ALL the time. You need to be drunk to wrestle bears, after all. Even Putin hits the ol’ vodka flask before tearing his shirt off and attacking hapless Russian wildlife.

    • Joe Biden once punched Chuck Norris.

      Chuck then roundhouse kicked him into the moon, but still A for effort.

      • In Chuck Norris’s only know failure, Chuck failed to notice that Joe had punched him, until told by one of the three men he was currently arm wrestling.

  3. Its because those sitting next to him KNOW he is a nutcase and wonder how much they are getting paid for the photo op?

  4. I haven’t even read the piece yet. Because I can’t stop laughing at Biden and the Law Man. I’ve never seen that one before. Can’t wait to share it around. 😀

    Now wiping my eyes so I can read.

    • Joe will not be nearly as effective as Raddatz will be. I have the feeling that Ryan’s debate practice has been all about dealing with her instead of debating Old Loopy.

  5. “what a masterdebator Joe is” ROTFLMFAO

  6. When I think of Obama and Biden, I’m reminded of a quote by Charles II to his brother, “Don’t worry Jamie — they’ll not kill me to make you King.” Biden is Obama’s insurance.

  7. Actually, it’s kind of a win-win for the Dems tonight.

    -If Ryan wins, well, it was against Biden (shrug). The topic will be dropped as fast as possible.

    -But, if Ryan looses, it was against BIDEN fer cryin out loud! How stupid does a person have to be to loose against Biden? That angle will be played to the hilt.

  8. There’s an old saying. Never argue with an idiot, he’ll drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience.

  9. He has had two cerebral aneuysms repaired including one anterior communicating. That aneurysm is associated with a major degradation in IQ explaining his gaffe-prone nature.

  10. Until election season began I didn’t really think about Biden all that much. I almost forgot he existed. He’s much lower key than Darth Cheney was.

  11. Thanks, I needed the laughs.

  12. Aceputs up a great analysis of tonights debate.
    Short form, cince the media wants Ryan to lose, he loses, even if he actually didn’t. The post is worth a good read.

  13. Stop it. You’re killing me. And those pics are priceless. The expressions on the faces of those guys… ROFL

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  15. It has been a WHILE since I read something and laughed out loud until I cried. Thank you.

  16. *chokes* Someone just told me that it’s National Coming Out Day. Which makes that top photo exponentially funnier.

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  18. Larry, are you trying to get a “Joe Biden Facts” meme going now?

  19. I tried to follow the debate, really I did. Too much Biden and Raddatz sent me fleeing from the room.

  20. Joe Biden walked on the moon! Twice!

  21. Didn’t watch the debate… but media and polls are apparently calling it a tie? That’s scary.

  22. After watching that, my first thought was: I thought Republicans were supposed to be old, rich, white, condescending, and arrogant pricks, not Democrats.

  23. Mike Huckabee said that Joe Biden reminds him of an obnoxious drunk you’d run into at a party that everyone tries to avoid.

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