New MHI patches available (Limited time only)

Originally we were doing one new, very limited, run of an original patch for the higher tier Kickstarter backers. However, lots and lots of people who were pledging for the regular tiers wanted patches too. So this caused a bit of a problem. I want to make as many people happy as possible, but I didn’t want to just give patches to everybody, because then the special ones wouldn’t be special any more, and a couple hundred of you had already snagged up those higher tiers.

So we have added a second, new, original limited to the Kickstarter patch.  Patch #1 is still only available to the original bigger KS backers, and only ever will be. Patch #2 is also new and original, and available just for the Kickstarter, however it is now available for everybody.  Folks on the higher tiers will be getting this one automatically, and for everybody else, you can go to the KS, bump up your pledge for however many you want, and they’ll be added to your order.

So, new MH patches for everybody! And special limited edition collectible patches for the plank owners! 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Thank You!

  2. And thus, marital harmony can be preserved! (The budget could not handle a second, higher tier pledge to get a second patch. Lack of patch equity would most definitely cause grumpiness. The pledge is coming out of *OUR* “special activities” budget, not just his, after all. Having different patches is fine – so long as we both get new patches!!)

  3. Rock on. How much for the Open to Everybody patch?

  4. Why must I be so poor!?!

  5. OK, I just kicked in another $5.00. BTW, what will the patch look like?

  6. Was at sixty, couldn’t justify going just halfway to the next tier. So, I figure if I could manage without ten bucks, I can live without twenty bucks, and bumped my pledge up to eighty. Looking forward to next summer!

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