MHL nominated for best horror on Good Reads

Check it out.   Anybody that is registered on Good Reads can vote. I’m up against some pretty awesome competitors on there too, like Jonathan Mayberry, Scott Sigler, Mira Grant, Joe Freaking Lansdale!, and Dean Koontz.

This is for the best of 2012, so go forth and vote!  And yes, I’m a fan of those listed. Lansdale is brilliant, though I haven’t read this one. Mayberry is a great writer and most of my fans would probably really like his Joe Ledger books.

7 Responses

  1. Mannnn I’m so bummed I had to go and finish the 4th last night…now the wait. Hell of a book man, I litterally dreamed about killing zombies after reading about Trips experience…it was awesome…loved that book Larry!

    • That’s the worst part about reading a great book is it ends 😦 I swear I was promised Neverending Stories when I was a kid…

      Also Larry congrats on making the best horror list. I’m totally voting for you and if they make me register I’ll even register(I hate registering, but voting for you is worth it).

  2. I voted for you even before I saw the blog post. I also wrote MHL in for the Best Paranormal Fantasy category.

  3. Recognition well deserved. Congrats.

  4. I wouldn’t put MHI as “horror”. More like “monster adventure”.

    • This was MHL which considering they were fighting a fear demon/monster I can understand the lumping in to horror. It’s very much an action/adventure book, but I can understand. On top of that, why complain at recognition?

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