Geeky Hobbies, Sunday Afternoon painting finished Monday Night. :)

Okay, I cheated. I didn’t write Monday night after work. Had to get this unit finished. This is for my Warmachine Mercenary army. Don’t worry. I’m back to work today. 🙂

A front

On the cloak, the picture doesn’t do it justice but this is the best color blending I have ever done.

A Back

And together, Lady Aiyanna & Master Holt:

A&H Front

A&H back

Edit to add a couple of late ones


and the next project is a big one


galleon 2

EDIT: This is from January, but needed to host this on the blog so I could post it on the PP forum.

Galleon legs

10 Responses

  1. Good. I was afraid Holt was going to be alone for a whole week.

  2. Getting better. Use an acrylic retarder to slow the drying time and your blending will get easier.

  3. I suggest that your next Kickstarter be for a really good digital SLR and macro lens. I’m in for $5. 😉

  4. Well done, and obviously you have a LOT more patience than I do! 🙂

  5. So now that Privateer has announced intentions to publish novels based on the Iron Kingdoms, how long will I have to wait before I get to read a novel about the Butcher of Khardov by Larry Correia?

    Actually, I’d rather see you do a novel of the wanderings and adventures of Herne and Jonne. I think that those two would compliment your writing strengths nicely.

    If you are contracted to write a novel for Privateer but can’t talk about it yet, just respond by saying something along the lines of “I’m not planning on doing anything for them right now.”

  6. Warmachine looks like a lot of fun. As my wife and I are in super budget mode in preparation for the new year, it also looks like it’ll cost more time and money than I can afford.

  7. Oh, hey, it’s “Ears and Boytoy.” [grin]

    Cloak looks good, and Holt seems to be saying, “did you really just say, ‘please Mr. Holt, shoot me now’?”

    And count me among the people that would immediately pick up an Iron Kingdoms book with your name on the cover!

  8. You realize that this was time you could have spent writing novels for us?

    • I’m ok with Larry taking a break to recharge his “writing muscles”. Besides, I’m way behind in my reading.

  9. Just read (and enjoyed) your post on gun control. Super excited to find out you play Warmachine as well!

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