And now for something fun, the cover of WARBOUND!

Coming in August 2013, the 3rd book in the Grimnoir Chronicles: WARBOUND.

Warboundcover (2)

39 Responses

  1. That is an awesome cover. But you are such a tease. I mean 8 months early. Now I’m Jonesing. UGH!

    • Have to agree with Jeff on this one. You horrible, HORRIBLE man. This is going to eat at me for MONTHS!
      At least tell us when the eARC will be availible. Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM impatient.

    • You are not alone. I always get the ARCs from Baen, though… Shaves a few months off the wait. I’ve never found out, but I hope Larry gets a good cut of the higher price for the ARCs.

  2. well, at least Faye is back.

    • Faye has become one of my favorite characters. Jake Sullivan is great, but honestly it’s the supporting cast which makes these stories come alive.

  3. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAAYAYAYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!

  4. Tetsubo!!! πŸ™‚

  5. It’s a transparent plot to get us to buy the ARC. That way, Larry gets to sell to us twice.

    Well done, sir!

  6. August? Write faster Larry.

  7. For some reason I want to shout out “No, Four. Two. Two. Four…with noodles!”

  8. When’s Nemesis? Isn’t that the one with Franks? C’mon, dude, write faster!

  9. This looks great! I can’t wait! Keep it coming!

  10. August? AUGUST?!

    Damn it Larry, why do you have to tease us like this?

  11. Yay, samurai!

  12. I know that you don’t have much control of your covers, but whoever did this one really nailed it. Looks great, colors are great, Faye looks like she is in the perpetual state of motion that her character is, Jake looks solid, and the samurai looks properly ominous in that armor. Probably your best cover to date in my opinion.

  13. Are all your books from Baen? I mention this because your side bar says “Barnes and Nobel” and “Amazon” over and over and for those of us who have a Nook or Kindle and we go looking for you…. you don’t exist.

    Now, I’m a huge Baen supporter and I do understand why they don’t sell e-books through other vendors… but you might want to include a link for “e-books available at Baen” on your side bar.

    (I once tried to find David Weber on my Nook and by the time I figured it out I was angry and frustrated. I just thought that the Nook store must be broken and the search function was broken because of *course* the book was out and available as a e-book so WTF?)

  14. Oh, my bad. I see you’ve got a notice on the left side… didn’t see that.

  15. Will there be any way to get a signed book? Via preorder or through Uncle Hugos??

  16. The stock Thompson still bugs me.
    But yeah, can’t wait.

  17. Don’t see why ANYONE in the ’30s would have a Thompson with a 16″ barrel. At least the artist was drawing from a model. πŸ™‚

  18. Sigh. You are a very mean man. Just sayin’. Can’t wait. In fact, my post-Christmas reading list has the first two on it…just relax and read!

  19. Dear lord … the comments on the last thread have passed 1200 now.

  20. soon as I get to where I am able I will be liking this on my Facebook page.

  21. Another eARC I’ll be shelling out money for. Sigh.

  22. 1665 comments now … it just keeps growing.

    I’m afraid that if I read them again, I’ll add another 100 rebutting retards …

  23. Just got done with the first of the Grimnoir Chronicles and loved it. I’ve also bought Dead Six and I’m looking forward to it as well. Your books are out in the Kindle store and I’m very happy that they are. I don’t like waiting for my next book.

  24. I just finished listening to Spellbound and loved it.. August.. Is to long from now but iI just can’t wait. When are they making these books into movies? It would be great on the big screen.

  25. Excellent. I can’t wait for the story to start up again. And I agree with Michelle, Bronson Pinchot did an amazing job on the narration. I hope we won’t have to wait too long to have the third title appear on…I’ll buy it!

  26. i hope the first prints big enough,im fixn to hook a newb mhi fan on the chronicales.i of course will get 2 hardbacks.rerunings a sickness lol

  27. Dear Mr. Correia, I can no longer wait for this book. I need to read it now. Please resort to using magic to finish it.

  28. Excited the book is coming out. It will be hard to wait. I loved this series and shared it with my family.

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