Today is the LAST DAY to register to nominate for the Hugos!

This is it, the last day I will bug you guys. Now is your final chance to stick it to the man.

I tried logic and reason:

I tried Sad Puppies:

I asked Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Childrens!

And yesterday I made fun of Stephen King:

So this is it. The final count down. If you purchase a Supporting Membership for LonestarCon you will be able to nominate works for the Hugo award. I’m flogging this like a mule in the hopes of getting Monster Hunter Legion nominated for best novel? Why? Because “fun” books are considered unworthy. Because it will make all of the literati critics really really angry. Because most of what I’ve accomplished in life has been motivated purely out of spite.

If you register today, Raylan Givens will tip his cowboy hat at you in a manly fashion. (okay, just discovered Justified this month, holy crap that show is awesome).

Even as you read this, a secret cabal of Literati Cultists gather in their Dark Ivory Tower. (so I guess it is kind of a mocha color) They have read these blog posts, and they are afraid, afraid of the Monster Hunter Nation. They tremble in fear that something which isn’t heavy handed message fic may tread their sacred halls. A Manhattan publisher rejects a brilliant manuscript because he saw that the author once wrote on Facebook that maybe, just maybe, Barack Obama might not literally be Jesus. Stephen King goes on a giant rant about Sarah Palin then snorts a line of coke while Michael Vick puts an adorable puppy into a food processor. Yes… It is like totally that evil.

Their only hope is that the mighty Monster Hunter Nation won’t buy a supporting membership because it is $60, and they have more important things to do with their money. In fact, it today’s climate since the Monster Hunter Nation is busy stockpiling more of all of the good things which morons are currently trying to ban, $60 will buy up to half a box of surplus 9mm or maybe some rusty grip screws.

But for $60 you get a membership which lets you nominate, the satisfaction of pissing off jerk face snob book reviewers, eBooks of all the nominated works, and one month’s coverage of Stranger & Stranger Interdimensional Platinum Plan.

YES! You heard me right! If you act fact, you will be covered by Tom Stranger for one whole month of Earth* time. Should you be involved in any interdimensional events, Tom Stranger, Interdimensional Insurance Agent, will take care of your claims.

*which Earth is not specified. Void where prohibited and prohibited where void.

So that’s it. Thank you for everyone that has jumped in on this. I hope we pull it off. Seriously, you guys are awesome. Plus, I need an excuse to go to Texas. Because Texas rocks.

16 Responses

  1. Which reminds me – I’ve paid and have about 25% of a ballot filled out, but I haven’t finished it because I’m clueless about the other categories except Best Novel.

    I need suggestions for the other slots, because I hate to leave them all blank. I am willing to accept bribes.

  2. Oh for $%^&’s sake Larry! FINE. Done. The Stephen King thing finally convinced me. I hope you win.

  3. Done, Larry. Because you came to my blog so long ago and said hi, and because you are not a pretentious dick-weasel. And, mainly, you’re writing rocks.

  4. doo Doo DOO doo
    doo Doo DOOT Doo doo…

    Well, you did say “The Final Countdown”….

  5. Done and done

  6. Will you write more tom stranger stories?
    And Texas does rock

  7. I joined too, but the odds of making it to San Antone grow smaller and smaller due to the recommencement of the Offspring Educational Requirements and the associated impact on my personal space time continuium. I must request… NAY! INSIST… that if you come all the way to Texas for this thing, that you must plan a trip to Houston for interaction with your dedicated tribe of followers. I will be happy to put my event planning skills to the test and arrange for BBQ and fellowship and lots of air conditioning.


    And War Eagle.

  8. Can we select which month we wish to be covered for? Cuz generally those kinds of calamities to happen out of season.

  9. Since you brought it up. If MH:L gets a Hugo…can we get a Tom Stranger novel?

  10. I am a $60 member. Swag + Larry gets a Hugo!

    I look forward to seeing the tears roll down the cheeks of the literati. MMMMM Sweet Nectar!

  11. If you get nominated, we should all show up to the Hugo awards ceremony in our best “tactical” gear. With some MHI patches of course. That ought to really piss them off. 🙂

  12. Completely random thought: ‘Rusty Grip Screws’ would be an excellent name for a death metal band.

    I bought a membership. I’ll do my part to get you nominated.

  13. We’d love to see you here in Texas Larry, even here in Dallas, far north of the Con :-/

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