Kickstarters I’m throwing money at

I havent’ followed a Kickstarter since the MHI RPG and Employee Handbook. (Update, the writing is mostly done, I’m proofing it now, and the art is coming in gradually and it is AWESOME, so we’re on schedule).

First off, my friend Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary is doing Schlock themed challenge coins. And holy crap, has it gone nuts. In the first day he’s already blown through a ton of stretch goals.

This makes me wonder if I should do MHI challenge coins. We’ve got tons of patch art and other stuff we could use. Would that be something you guys would be interested in?

And of course, because I’m a complete dork and addicted to mini painting:

Hell Dorado makes some of my favorite sculpts, because I love having an army of conquistadors. I’ve never played the game. I’m just in it for the lead.

16 Responses

  1. Heck ya, I’m in for MHI challenge coins! Oh and also MHI AR dust covers. 🙂

  2. Challenge coins? I’d throw money at that.

  3. I’d throw money at you for challenge coins!

  4. I’m in for MHI challenge coins, or just about anything MHI themed.

  5. MHI Challenge coins? Larry, why do you seek to separate me from ALL of my money?

    Seriously, YES I would DEFINITELY throw money at MHI Challenge Coins!

  6. Count me in for a Challenge coin as well, I’m already doing the schlock one. Also Larry, did you happen to see when it was still going? If you are interested he’s going to allow us to addon to our orders and I might be able to squeeze in something or other for you into mine if you want. I seriously love the sculpts this guy does.

  7. There will be a new Zombicide Kickstarter next month. Fantastic zombie killing board game and very customizable. There are also great paintable minis.

  8. Gee, thanks for the link, Larry. Sigh, another $60 out the door. Sure, mark me down for an MHI coin — it can keep the Schlock coins company. If you’re considering multiple coins and taking requests, I’d love the Oregon Sasquatch design (from your July 15, 2009 post) — nice simple graphic without excessive fine detail, no color-dependence; seems that would translate well to a coin.

    On the topic of MHI logos on stuff, do you know who ordered the MHI engraving on the York Arms AR-15 receiver (on their webpage)?

  9. I’d probably need to get more than one challenge coin, odds are I’d lose one. I almost lost a knife at Mardi Gras a couple of weeks ago.

  10. I’d love to see an MHI, a Bubba Shackleford, and a What Would Angent Franks Do? set.

  11. Add one more to the line awaiting MHI challenge coins!

  12. I’m still holding out hope for an MHI or Grimnoire Chronicles miniatures game Kickstarter.

    Grimnoire would be my preference. 28mm, skirmish-size, with battlegroup advancement rules like they had in Necromunda or Mordheim back in the day. I’d almost sell some of my ammo to fund that Kickstarter. Almost.

  13. MHI challenge coins would be great 🙂

  14. Give it six months and announce with a schedule that will allow time for delivering as Christmas presents.

  15. Oh hells yeah, I’m in. Happy face coin, patch coins, milo coin, franks coin, maybe Owen’s moral compass like Schlock’s with choices like shoot it, smash it, kick it or let it beat you up. Bring it on.

  16. Any chance of officially announcing the winners from the second MHI Patch contest?

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