Not a BookBomb but a follow up to a BookBomb

Okay, I haven’t done a BookBomb for a while, but will probably announce the next one in a few days. I’ve got this Chuck Gannon book here that I need to finish. 🙂  (Chuck is a great guy and fellow Baen author)

However, I have been remiss in pointing out some sequels that have come out to books I’ve bombed in the past.

Dan Well’s sequel to Partials, called Fragments is out now:

Also, the sequel to the most successful BookBomb of all time for Rob Well’s Variant:

And Sarah Hoyt’s follow up to Darkship Thieves, Darkship Renegades:


Also, for truth in advertising purposes, just so you know, whenever you buy anything through Amazon after entering through one of the Amazon links on my blog, I get a percentage of the sales price for the refferal. So if you need to buy a new pair of steel toed boots, a shovel, some duct tape, a tarp, dental picks, and some sturdy rope, (who am I to judge)  if you buy those after entering Amazon through any of my book links I get money.  It makes no difference on your side. It isn’t a ton of money every month, but it does pay some bills. Think of it as a tip jar. 🙂

10 Responses

  1. Darkship Thieves was really cool, I’m glad the sequel is out!

  2. Gannon’s Fire with Fire? Great read 😀

  3. The book with the airships, Wyatt Earp and the wild west was a fun read…any follow up to that?

    • I really liked The Flux Engine too. Had a Wild Wild West feel to it. The TV series not that god awful movie with Will Smith. I liked it so much I gave it a 5-star review.

  4. Roger that Larry. We will getter done.

  5. I will keep that in mind the next time I buy from Amazon. Does it work for ebooks as well?

  6. Variant is actually at the book fair at my daughter’s (fifth grader) school. I think I’ll pick it up.

  7. And if we use the portal to buy one of your books, so much the better. 😀

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