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  1. When will it be on Baen as an eARC?

  2. Nice. Will you be doing signed ones via Uncle Hugo’s again?

  3. Wooohooo! Got mine from Amazon. (Through the link here, of course.)

    • Just got a notice of a price drop $6.89. I think the quicker you preorder, the more of the sweet, sweet price drop pennies you get to keep. ( I think they give you the lowest listed price between pre-order and ship time.)

      So pre-order now, and laugh when the price goes back up for all the procrastinating hippies!

  4. Jeebers, 760 pages? That poor binding…

  5. Signed copies please!

  6. Ordered!!!

  7. Done – but the wait, it makes me teh sadz.

  8. I cannot express how this news has uplifted my spirits this evening. Thank you!!!

  9. Got mine pre-ordered. Now I’m going to have to check Baen’s site every day for the e-Arc, ’cause I hate waiting.

  10. Larry, will you ever offer your books for purchase on the Nook?

  11. Sigh..I need me some Monster Hunter soooo bad.

  12. Done. BRING IT!

  13. Larry, if we order your books through Amazon, how can we get them autographed?

  14. TAKE MY MONEY!!! TAKE IT!!! NOW!!!

    OK, take it when it comes out, either way it’s pre-ordered.

  15. Larry, there is an associate program with BN as well. Do you think that you’d ever join that ? I’d rather support BN as opposed to Amazon. BN has the preorder available for Sword of Exodus.

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