Swords of Exodus eARC is on sale now!

The Early Advanced Reader Copy for Swords of Exodus is available.


And it is totally badass. 🙂

For those not familiar with it, an EARC is the pre production book that is normally available only to book reviewers. Baen offers these ebooks early. Sometimes you even get bonus typos!  But this way you get to read it a few months before the real book comes out.

16 Responses

  1. Well, there goes my productivity for the rest of this month.

    • Be of good cheer! I polish off one of Larry’s new novels in a day.

      Buying for my reading habit/addiction is like feeding a sumo wrestler. I spend as much money on books as women do on shoes.

      • I wish I was a faster reader. Even when I was stuck in an extended power outage, with no distractions, it took me five days to finish Dead Six. And I loved that book!

  2. Thanks for the heads up on it!

    As a serial eARC reader, I’ve always wondered if you get a larger royalty from the advance copies than the regular ones?

    • The royalty is probably smaller, as the editing and publishing costs for eARC’s are astronomical.


      • The eARCS are more than twice as expensive as the final ePub ($15 vs $6.99 generally)… It’s an impatience fee. I was just hoping the royalty was percentage based.

      • Hey Matt, I’m with you.

        The price is determined solely by what the customers are willing to pay.

        The cost to produce the item has nothing to do with the price.

        Production costs determine profit, and profit determines if the product is produced.

        Hence the ” /*snicker*/ ”

        I have absolutely no idea what the royalties are, or even if there are any. I imagine it depends upon the contract with the writer.

        I imagine Larry is able to negotiate a far higher royalty than normal, since he doesn’t seem to know how to write a non-bestseller.

        He must toss and turn all night, sleeping fitfully on his pile of money. That scene in the Last Dragon’s basement? Management was actually a cameo by Larry. So was Management’s bed.


  4. Nothing better than a few bonus typos, I always say.

  5. Looks like I’m calling in sick tomorrow. Excellent.

  6. Danget! You would put this up right AFTER I paid for my latest Schlock Mercenary print edition!
    Now I have to wait till payday. But at least it will still be there then.

  7. I will immediately order this and commence reading it in a browser window, sized strategically to avoid detection by anyone looking over my shoulder in cubeville. Productivity ratio has been reduced from an optimistic 85 percent to a lowly “emails will get answered and that’s about it.”

  8. I am REALLY looking forward to this, but I will wait (eagerly) for the dead tree edition. For the record, this plot sounds nothing short of AWESOME!!!!

  9. Just finished it and its awesome! Left a review on Baen.

  10. What a great read. I look forward to my second pass through.

    Are you kidding me with that ending? I demand book 3 immediately!

  11. Oooo… what Adam just said. Kinda glad you quit your job and Mike K. is back stateside…

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