Shameless self promotion time: Swords of Exodus!

The eARC came out last week, so if you can’t wait until the actual release in September, this is your chance to read it early.

Dead Six is my least well known novel. Mostly I think that is because it is shelved over by itself under Fiction in most book stores, not in the ever expanding Larry Correia section of sci-fi/fantasy. Which is too bad, because it is a really good book, and the sequel is just as awesome.

And if you have read it, and you liked it, please leave a review. Of course, if you read it and hated it, then nobody wants your negative waves, man.

Sword-of-Exodus-comp2 (2)

And of course on this picture the title is spelled wrong, (swords, plural) but hey, early production stuff, and it was what I had on this computer. 🙂

24 Responses

  1. Seriously, Dead Six is my favorite of your novels. And I hate you, because Swords of Exodus was REALLY GOOD and now I have to wait 18 months for part 3.

  2. Why aren’t any of the Dead Six novels available from Audible?

    • That is entirely up to Audible and out of my hands. 🙂

      I’m one of their bestsellers in Fantasy and have won 2 Audie awards though, so I hope they go for them eventually.

      • I hope so to! I spend 3 hours a day commuting. I do almost all of my reading through audiobooks. If it’s not on audible I probably won’t be able to read it, no matter how much I want to.

  3. Thank me later! This little bit of absolutely professional grade of AWESOME is on the house! 🙂

    • Antitango has posted a cover with “Swords” spelled correctly.

      I’ll see if I can add it here:

  4. Dead Six was AMAZING!
    Easily the most entertaining novel of its kind that I’ve read.

  5. Dead Six totally hooked me when the MacGuffin in the story turned out to have some weird, Lovecraftian overtones that hinted at vast, swirling and looming universes fraught with terrifying potential….

    There better be more of that in SoE!

    (So yea, I’m totally buying the eARC…)

  6. Hear ye, Hear ye!! Warbound is already out at Baen for 9.99 (even though they say the release date is 8/15/13), and it is great! Go forth and read!!

    (I’ll get to SoE Real Soon Now). –s.

  7. Mike Kupari is such a badass…
    (Yeah that Correia guy’s not bad either) ;D

  8. I’m not really into present day military fiction, but I definitely enjoyed Dead Six. The action sequences are incredibly well done, the characters are likable, and while it probably won’t win any awards it’s better written than most of the stuff in the genre. I’d give it a 4/5 stars.

  9. It was a wonderful book. I finished it in one sitting.

    The last like 40% of the book was like the last 40 minutes of Avatar. Freaking epic beyond all known scales.

    Only negative I have is you didn’t explain either the orb or He Who Must Not Be Named (At least that’s how I pictured The Pale Man Who’s Name I Can’t Spell From Memory).

  10. Tremendous, but I’m not feeling the resolution here. Some of my favorite characters are still in peril!!! Are they expected to hang in the balance for another year or two?

    • Welcome to the wonderful world of Baen Authors. You get addicted, and then they have you begging for the next dose of “reader crack”. . . . (evil grin)

      (Some of us developed the “habit” decades ago. . . and still don’t have the monkey off our backs!!!)

      Oh, and if you want REAL reader crack. . . wait until Larry reveals his joint work with John Ringo. . . the ORIGINAL “reader crack” guy. . .

      • Hey… yeah, whatever happened to that? I seem to recall new series space opera back in 2010. Timing is about right. That would hold me over for a bit!!!

        But don’t delay Project Blue for a new, untested, untried series. No, better to finish one great arc before starting another… heh.

  11. Great, Larry. Great!! The book isn’t even out yet and I will be in agony waiting for the next one.

    Last third of SoE was outstanding. On to Warbound.

  12. How would Lorenzo react if he was suddenly dumped into a Supernatural Situation? (ie: If Dead Six and MHI were really 1 World).

  13. I did find Dead Six more enjoyable, but Lorenzo’s character arc was amazing. On the strength of the epicness that is Warbound, though, Project Blue is a must buy. (I thought Spellbound to be not as enjoyable as Hard Magic, Warbound, but it needed to be there for the awesome payoffs in Warbound, which wouldn’t have worked without it.)

    As for the ending, Mr. Correia, say it ain’t so. Please?

  14. Hi Larry, in your opinion who would be the best narrator for Dead Six when it finally comes out on audio and did u have any input about the narrators for MHI or HM? When is the release date for Nemesis?

    • The author has no input. Either of my regular narrators would do a fantastic job I’m sure of it, and I’ve talked about it with Oliver Wyman before, as he’s got a voice that I think would be a perfect Lorenzo. Okay, honestly, in my head when Lorenzo talks in his normal voice he sounds like Spike from Cowboy Bebop. 😀

  15. Really great read Dead Six but then again all your stuff is awesome. I love your books and can not wait for more

  16. Swords of Exodus was an excellent read. Fast paced full of action and it is great having folks that know their weapons. I am however feeling a lack of resolution after finishing it. I hate waiting for the next book.

  17. Such an awesome series, and the narration of the audiobook is so damn good. I need book three.

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