Warbound eBook is out on Amazon

It is out now. The hardcover will be out next week, as will the audibook (recorded again by Bronson Pinchot).


11 Responses

  1. Hey Larry, I’ve always wondered and maybe I’ll need to check with the Baen folks, but if we purchased the eARC do we also get a copy of the final version of the book as well?

    Can’t wait for the Audiobook 🙂

  2. already marked the audiobook for buying as soon as it’s available

  3. Looking forward to the hardcover.

    Larry, you’ve got a PM on THR.

  4. Is his really the last book in the series?! This has easily been some of the greatest stories I’ve had the chance to read! Thanks for them!!

  5. One question for Larry. When you come up with OCI in Spellbound (or was it already planned before the first book), I presume you took the name from COI from our universe? That and Will Bill making an appearance in this book.

  6. Just bought it. Review as soon as I get it read. Thanks Larry!

  7. What’s Larry doing for Gencon Indy?

  8. I bought the eARC and without giving too much away, I’ve read from when Sullivan has his “descent” until the end of the book about 10 times over. I can’t recommend this book enough.

  9. I finished the book last night, and man what an ending. A satisfying ending but still open ended leaving some lingering questions about the future evolution the Power, the future of the Actives and of the Grimnoir.

    I know you’re planning a prequel but I think a “next generation” series would be interesting to explore. If you’re of a mind to.

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