Podcast interview with me about Warbound

Here is a podcast interview with me that just came out:


2 Responses

  1. “remorseless code of justice”

    This is the best phrase I’ve heard all week.

  2. I guess that you couldn’t call cthulu a character, or at least not “my character” but Fay would be the last one standing in a free for all with Susan, Hood, Machado, Franks, Earl, Management, and our refugee from Topaz?

    I’m too damn curious. I’m springing for the ebook. Curse you Larry, for double leeching off my wallet again because I have to buy it in paper, too.

    Paper books will be necessary to show the next generations what real heroes were like before computers became something that only the government has.

    By the end of O’s fourth term, (aka: the second emergency extension), legalized under the FDR Memorial Act of 2016, the US is going to look like the North Korea. Soon after the FDRaMA passes I’ll need paper books.

    Larry Correia will be one of the first of the banned, subversive authors in violation of the SB-451 the DangeRous Book BilL. SB-451 DriBBLe will be signed into law on 1 April 2016, the third anniversary of Obama’s famous 1v1 victory over Shaquille O’Neal at a White House Easter party game, winning 22-2.

    The 2016 head of the NSA, Maxine Waters, will testify under oath to congress that she has no knowledge of e-books disappearing from Kindles, and further pointed out that, if such disappearances were to actually happen, it could only be from Christian terrorist hackers helping child pornographers and subversive authors escape justice for harming children. And mentioning it is a violation of the National Security Letter on books, displayed on all publications inside cover.

    Russian vice ambassador Eric Snowden and wife Anna, will offer American entrepreneurs and Tea Party fugitives amnesty in Mother Russia. “Our seven decade communist phase is over. Yours just started.”

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