New album from Gray Rinehart, with MHI in it!

Gray is a friend, retired AF officer, and Slushmeister General at Baen. He’s also a great musician and he’s got a new album out. Included on that album is a Monster Hunter ballad that he wrote for the MHI universe. Check it out:

15 Responses

  1. That is great. Only a true MHI could write such a wonderful song. (of course, only a true MHI fan could understand what the good Mr. Rinehart is getting at.)

  2. Great, now you have people singing your praises.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Larry — and the inspiration!


  4. Yeh…that’s good fun.

  5. I listened to the streaming version. SOLD!

  6. Any chance of a vinyl version?

    • Actual 12-inch vinyl record? Practically no chance of that, I’m afraid. Maybe if the CD sells out a couple of production runs and folks clamor for a vinyl version, but I’d say there’s practically no chance of that, either.


  7. My inner Monster Hunter is currently at risk of squealing like a 12-year-old girl. As is my inner Browncoat, Trekkie, Tolkienite…

  8. Got a very nice email from Gray once, a slush rejection. Nice? Yep, very much appreciated that he took the time to write an actual response, not just a form letter.

    • This isn’t a form reply, either, but at least you didn’t have to wait as long to get it!

      Truth to tell, I have to use form letters most of the time or I couldn’t keep up with the volume — anything more than that means that your entry was way better than most. I just try to treat everybody’s submissions the way I would like mine to be treated.

      Thanks for the kind words! And if you like anything you hear on the album, tell your friends!


      • Baen gave it a second look and bounced it after that. I was pretty happy to have gotten that far, on my first effort. So I gave it an edit, put it up on Amazon as an e-book, and have actually made some money on it. It sold pretty hot for a couple of months, and now is down to one every few days.
        Have to give that album a try.

  9. Okay, Monster Hunter theme song rocked. Shared to my facebook.

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