Let’s help Obama Kickstart World War 3!

Since I’ve been on a Kickstarter kick lately, this one is super important! Let’s help Obama Kickstart World War 3!


Because Obama…

24 Responses

  1. Because Obama. That’s all the reason you need.

  2. If WW3 starts, it’s Bush’s fault and you’re a racist!

    • You know, five years ago, I sat down and gave good long thought to the fact that for the next several years, I was going to be called a racist. I thought about it until I became inured to the idea that someone else might think I was a racist. Then, I thought about it until it became a joke.

  3. I’m in. ‘Cause if WWIII doesn’t start, it won’t cost me anything, and if it does start, I’ll have bigger problems than my Visa bill. And hey, think of all the unemployed who could get jobs in the military! It’s an all around win!

    (if you can’t see the flashing blue sarcasm light, please upgrade your browser)

  4. By golly, makes me want to do my bit to support abject stupidity! (Oh sorry, the liberals are already doing that on their own, so they don’t need me, thank heavens!!!!)

  5. I think we, as Larry Correia fans need to pool our money so we can meet the 10 million dollar donation level to get our own senator, just think what we could make him do, like read the Francis vs the US senate/FDR scene from Warbound on the senate floor and see how many Democrats have aneurisms.

  6. I like the comment on the video that it must have been paid for by those ebil Koch brothers. Someone is stupid beyond belief and don’t know who or what second city is.

    • Actually, the video ends with “paid for by the Koch brothers” or something close to that. Still means they don’t know what second city is.

  7. That was hilarious just like watching this clown twist in the wind. A wind of his own making.

  8. Oh, the humanity! Thanks for putting this up!!

  9. “You’ll probably end up in a refugee camp. But it’ll have free WiFi!”

    Isn’t that a Starbucks?

    • Dave, No cant be, Starbucks coffee is illegal under the Geneva conventions as prisoner torture. The CIA uses Water boarding for several reasons.

      1 Having the prisoner drink Starbucks coffee is expensive.

      2 its heartbreaking to the guys that have to watch some poor bastard abuse the poor defenseless coffee beans.

      3 The smell is nauseating and it causes the guys in black suits to crack a grimace.

      4 it was causing the people administering the torture to break down and cry because the prisoners were so terrified.

      5 The Barrista kept getting punched in the face for being to perky and while it was a great stress relief for the agents of the NSA it was straining the budget to replace the Barrista every day after getting beaten to death.

  10. For a $12mil pledge you can have Cookie Monster and Easy Bake dropped into a country of your choice. Ooohh the humanity!

    • We’re not going to list all those atrocities that the Cookie Monster is blamed for are we?? You just have to remember that Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker are the Chemical weapons experts that involved in Syria!

    • Man, Cookie Monster stories. remember when kermit converted to Islam, dumped Miss Piggy for not being halal, and moved to a cave in Pakistan? CM had to take out Kermit bin Hoppin’ before he put Sarin laced lillypads in the NYC water supply. . .

  11. Because stupidly attacking Arab countries is only desirable if a Bush does it?

    • Are you talking about the Bush wars that were supported by democrats and launched with evidence?

      Vs the war Owebama wants to start with no support or proof?

    • Because stupidly attacking anyone is undesirable … regardless of who does it.

      If you go to war, you must first decide what you are trying to accomplish. This is what we call an exit strategy.

      So then … exactly what is Obama trying to accomplish? And how will he know he has accomplished this?

  12. No. NO! Anything but Michelle’s arms in a sleeveless shirt!

  13. WWIII hmmm, well based on the movies we can expect places like LA, SF, NY, DC, and other major cities would be attacked, on top of the fact that political leaders are generally considered lawful targets, Would WWIII really be such a bad thing? And fare more importantly who does not want to pave the way for a moon war. Think of how awesome that would be!!!

    So does this post get me on the terrorist watch list yet?

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