Next Book Bomb, Monday the 23rd, something completely different

Okay, I know this is quick, and we just barely did one, but a bunch of other bloggers have already organized one for this book, and I think it is a fantastic idea, from a man who I have a ton of personal respect for, so I’m going to jump in on it to help. And as a plus, you guys get a really neat book out of it.

Walls, Wire, Bars and Souls by Peter Grant

I’ve know Peter for a long time, and I often refer to him as the real Most Interesting Man in the World. He’s a sci-fi writer now, but before that he was a prison chaplain with some of the most interesting stories you will ever hear. Peter is originally from South Africa, where he was in the military, and then he was a priest doing humanitarian work during all of the upheavals there. You will never talk to a more fascinating individual.

This is a non-fiction work about his time as a prison chaplain. I’ve heard a bunch of these stories already, so I’m glad to see he’s collected them into a book.

So Monday we’re going to Book Bomb, Peter and give him a boost.

He also did a guest post on Sarah’s blog if you want to see the thought behind it.

And in his bio he mentions his wife is an Alaskan bush pilot. She’s also a total badass. Some of my fans at LibertyCon got to see Peter’s wife and the lovely Mrs. Correia tag team arguing against a liberal and utterly destroying him on the topic of gun control. 🙂 It was brutal.

10 Responses

  1. Please tell me there’s a recording of that encounter.

  2. Oh how I wish I was a fly on the wall at Libertycon….

  3. Man, I wish you had video.

  4. Is there video of the smack down?

  5. Peter and his wife are a pair, no question! As soon as I get back in the world where amazon actually works, it will be on my download list. 🙂

  6. Is he the model for Priest in MHI?

  7. Hey Peter. Just read the only review of the book, where the author said he’s buying book 1 of the Maxwell Saga based upon your writing.

    Regarding his review, I’ve noticed that when a lawyer says “I find his solutions on that side simplistic and naive.” It means ‘his ideas bypass lawyers and our ability to collect fees’. In other words, your proposed solutions will most likely solve the problems addressed and put him and his ilk out of a job.

    Anyhow, your first Maxwell Saga book is en route to my Nook tablet.

    • Thank you very much, Sir! I’m not sure I should brag about having a “Foolhardy Expendable Minion” among my readers, but if it’s good enough for Larry . . .


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