COMING SOON! MHI Challenge coin Kickstarter!

Yes! We are almost there. I’ll be posting more information soon!

20 Responses

  1. will you have one that says “oh Yea, forgot to visit Texas again”?

  2. Careful, the last guy who handled a challenge coin in a book by Larry ended up with his head blown up 😉

  3. awesome. will you make any out of silver? might come in handy if we run into any monsters.

    either way, sign me up

  4. Hurry up and take my money dangit!

    • To Larry, a bit of poetry (this will help I swear):
      The whispers began a while ago
      A Coin, it was said, for MHI to bestow.
      Was there an interest?, you asked
      of your slavering fans
      YES, (we all screamed), take the money from our hands!
      Designs were discussed for what should be shown
      from our collective ideas flowed full grown!
      But enough is enough quit reeling us in
      it time for coinage issue to BEGIN!

  5. Excellent… Larry on…

  6. Larry,when I pay for your books,I still feel I owe you a favor.Great work,bring us more

  7. Definitely am going to pay attention. You always come out with the greatest stuff.

  8. Is it soon yet?

  9. Patience? Is that who we have to kill to get this kickstarted?

  10. Ready yet?

  11. Oh yes, please and while you are it, could you please include the Los Alamos Science Team patch as one of the stretch goal rewards.

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