Another update!

So we’re 4 hours in and 596% funded.

We have unlocked 4 coins so far:

Monster Hunter International

MCB/Agent Franks

Team Haven

The Last Dragon/ICMHP commerative coin

And we have revealed:


Special Task Force Unicorn


14 Responses

  1. Very cool How much they gonna go for?

  2. OK, I really hate having Kickstarter blocked @ work. I can’t check in on any of this goodness till this evening. Bah Humbug. Stupid Evil Scientist internet connectivity rules!!

  3. Who is making the coins?

    My company has been looking for somebody reputable to make logo medallions.

  4. This is just wrong. I want them all so far, but I only signed up for 2 extra, and now I can’t have Agent Franks, and Skippy, and STFU.

    Darn you and your creative brain!

    • You can bump up your pledge anytime before the KS ends. We just send out a survey after it is over so you can specify which ones you want.

    • I’ve never seen the $1 “get started and bump up later after the accountant OK’s it” level in a Kickstarter before. Pretty good idea.

      • Howard Tayler did that for his Schlock Mercenary challenge coin Kickstarter a while back. In the video, when Larry says he’s ripping off Howard, he’s not kidding.

  5. Pledged. Really wish you hadn’t started this half an hour after I left for work.

  6. Larry, Will you put in other high end pledges for the other low number coins?

  7. Dang it, Larry! By kicking off your drive during the day those of us stuck on DOD networks are not able to get to Kickstarter and pledge our $150 for those special Team Alpha offers until we get home. Next time please give the rest of us a chance. I’m left with pledging at $125 and wishing I too could have given you $150.

  8. *sigh* You just had to unleash this awesomeness on the world whilst I was unemployed.

    Best of luck with it! I will be over here, futilely drooling.

  9. You’re over 700% funded now.

    Is the STFU coin not round, then, or is it just the image that isn’t round?

  10. We just unlocked Tribe Harb Anger. Damn Skippy! (Pun intended)

  11. OK, I missed the buy-in for the high end. Are you going to do another round for all the coins and signed books? I’m in at the $125 level and want to bump it.

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