Adding Dead Six and Swords of Exodus challenge coins to the Kickstarter

We are 2/3 of the way through the MHI challenge coin Kickstarter. Last week we added  Zippo lighters (which were a huge hit) and the Backer’s Choice coin, and a PUFF exemption coin overwhelmingly won the vote. Our next regular MHI challenge coin will be revealed shortly. We are just finalizing the artwork on that one now.

So today’s big announcement are two new add on coins, only these are not from the MHI universe. We have added Dead Six and Swords of Exodus challenge coins, and they look amazing. They will be the custom shape you see below.


Since we brought in Kurt Miller, the cover artist for the D6 novels, as our special guest artist, and a portion of the proceeds for these two will be going to my co-author on that series, Mike Kupari, these two coins are a seperate add on and are not part of the Alpha package. To get either of these all you need to do is increase your pledge by $15 each and then specify what you want in the backer’s survey which will be sent out after the KS concludes.

6 Responses

  1. This is probably a stupid question, but will the coins be available for purchase after the Kickstarter ends?

  2. (from the KS page:)
    For those who can’t see it, the quote on the bottom of the Swords of Exodus coin is: “The price of freedom is the willingness to do sudden battle anywhere, any time, and with utter recklessness. – Robert A. Heinlein”

  3. Outstanding! I’ll add another $30 tonight!

    How much more can there be??? Will we make it to $100k??? Anything is possible..

    Especially if a grimnoire summoning coin gets added…

  4. Awesome….

  5. Can you buy more than one of these coins? Thanks.

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