Lovci Monster Alfa! (Czech Monster Hunter Alpha)

It is always fun seeing your books in other languages.  🙂


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  1. Get a Finnish translation of it. They’ll love it.

  2. I was in Prague, Brno, and Ratiskovice last summer. God I loved that country. I relied on two phrases:

    Pivo, prosim!

    Jeste jeden!


  3. Hi Larry,

    When do you expect the e-Arc version of Monster Hunter Nemesis to be out? I am jonesing for some Agent Frank’s action…


  4. That’s, um… quite the book cover there.

  5. Love the artwork. I didn’t picture Earl as being quite that tall though.

  6. Love monster?

  7. Larry,

    Do you have MHI in Spanish, with Audiobook?

    Amazon & Baen both come up zero.

    I think the fastest way to learn another language is to understand completely about 50 pages of text. It’s best about things you find interesting, and you want the translation to be done by an upper-class, educated native speaker of the target language.

    Super bonus if you can get the audio version of that exact text.

    I might actually be able to pay attention this time.

  8. Gotta say, I like that cover better than the one for the English edition. Although I am still amused by it looking like “Love Monster”.

  9. MHI should be a huge hit over there, CZ (GREAT guns, BTW) being close to the home of most were-monster legends.

  10. Hey, I’m from Czech and references of the CR made me proud. 😀 Now I’m looking forward to reading Alpha. 🙂

  11. Hello, Larry.
    I would like to thank you for so many hours of great entertainment I got from your books. Monter Hunters are exactly the kind of literature my circle of nerdy friends love. The very first after-Velvet revolution action literature were Lords of Fear, where main protagonist is vampire whose first line is something in tone with: “I carried my bike on my shoulders and tried to evade the shit piled just behind the borders. Everytime I come back to this country, I recognise the smell.” and he continued to plow his way through legions of mooks, some badass Hunters just to save little kid of heroine addicted prostitute he saved from HIV death by biting and changing her. In the course of the book he built himself the best improvised tank vehicle in literature so far.
    What I am trying to say is that your writing style (and to be honest superb translation by Michael Farnik) is hitting all those people looking for latest action filled urbanfantasy fix.
    I, and many of other readers here in Czech Republic, am grateful for your books and we hope you will keep on writing and making escapism easier.
    Thank you again!

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