Super Special Autographs (or Correia draws cartoons)

On Friday my wife took this big batch of packages to the post office.


This was all of the Alpha tier special autographed copies of MHL. If you remember from the Kickstarter, I offered to not just personalize the copy but to draw a picture, backer’s choice. I was willing to take requests, with the caveat that I’m a writer, not an artist.

The most common request was for the happy face logo. Piece of cake. But then it started getting complicated, but I said I’d attempt to draw whatever they wanted.Β  Here is a sampling.

There were a lot of Abominations requested.

an abomination

Then I got requests for a bunch of Owens, and some for my favorite character.


Some of them I could tell you guys were just testing me, like Owen riding a War Dachshund into battle, but I’m game.

a weiner dog

I never expected to be asked to draw a wombat chasing a tank.

a wombat

The hardest ones were where the request was “just draw whatever” because that could get a little weird.

a gnome

And if you ask to be surprised, nothing is more surprising than an unexpected Gnome.

a walrus

Except maybe a walrus.

This one went to Switzerland and it needed to be something about Swiss Hunters. Yes. I’m enough of a dork that I made sure the Sig 510 was recognizable. πŸ™‚

a swiss guard

One person wanted Melvin the Internet Troll.

a melvin

Eugene the archer/redneck elf was one of the characters from our GenCon game and the request was for him or a zombie moose, but why not both?

a zombie moose

I got several requests for Management, and they got better as I went along. I think this is my best one.

a management

Sometimes they asked for a character, but didn’t specify so I drew whoever I felt like.

an Ed

And some Skippys, of course

a skippy

There were some requests for monsters

a luska

And other monsters that don’t taste like tuna

a werewolf 2

Or multiple monsters, like this request for Heather to be killing a master vampire

a werewolf


This one was for a 9 year old girl Hunter. Which is too freaking cute.

9 year old monster hunter

There were several requests for Franks punching things. Like Franks punching an iconic monster from Warmachine.

a Franks punching 2

Or Franks punching Cthulu

a Franks punching Cthulu


That is a small sample. I did 80 of these things. Which is a lot when you can’t draw. So back to work!

45 Responses

  1. After looking at the art, all I can say is:

    Time for a Monster Hunter webcomic…

  2. The Edward toon HAS to be a poster

  3. You draw well enough to do a web comic. So let’s see one. MHI online could be as big as Schlock someday.

  4. Great pictures. Don’t say that you can’t draw. I’ve seen worse cartoon strips in Sunday comics.

  5. Your style makes me thing of the illustrations for Munchkin. Thanks for sharing all these!

  6. As someone who gets paid to draw pretty pictures I have to say, these are freaking awesome. Well done, sir.

  7. Those cartoons are awesome. A periodic feature on the blog would be fun, the sense of humour in them is clear. The Feral Warpwolf is cool, though as a Circle player I’d have to throw a gauntlet down to your Mercs for that. πŸ™‚

  8. I disagree with your claims that you cannot draw.

    • I’m really impressed (as is my artist buddy). You have a style that’s reminiscent of Shel Silverstein (with guns) and it’s really cool!

  9. Good on you, Larry. Fans remember stuff like this.

  10. I like Franks punching Cthulhu.

  11. Larry, I want the Owen Z Pitt Approved drawing on a shirt.

  12. For a guy who can’t draw, you sure can draw.

  13. That Heather one made me laugh out loud. Not the common “LOL” which means it amuse you- I mean I literally laughed out loud…

  14. My copy arrived on Saturday (advantages of being in the same state, I suppose), and I love how the Management drawing turned out. Thanks!

  15. Actually Larry, these are as good or better than the first drawings Howard did for schlock. you could totally do an oots style webcomic if you wanted. I’d prefer you a. stick to novels so I can get my grubby little paws on MHN ASAP, or b. Clone yourself and have Larry prime do it.

  16. Violet will be home from school in 15 minutes. I can’t wait to show her her drawing. πŸ™‚

  17. I hate how people who say they can’t draw are always able to draw better than I can… πŸ˜‰

    We definitely need posters. I need Franks punching Cthulhu for my wall!

  18. I’m sorry, but Melvin saying that You aren’t a “real writer” cracked me up. Nice job on all.

  19. Zomg…….I can’t stop laughing ! The drawings were epic. The narration was perfect example if why I love the way you write bud. Thanks for sharing Larry. >=]

  20. I hope you post the rest of the pictures you drew.

    Have you considered adding them as illustrations inside your books?

  21. I have Weaponized Cow!

  22. They’re pretty good from someone who’s ‘not an artist.’

  23. Hilarious, these were great. A T-shirt with a drawing of Owen and his team drawn that way would be great. πŸ˜€

  24. […] Apparently, there’s a special club where Larry will doodle in your book for you. I loved his Owen Z. Pitt Approved image so much I turned it into my Twitter AVI. […]

  25. Web Comic for sure! Melvin the Troll as the protagonist

  26. Another webcomic idea- “The Interdimensional Adventures of Stranger & Franks”

  27. I think we’re looking at the next Kickstarter. T-shirts by Larry.

  28. I squeee’d so hard this time I think I hurt something. That’s my Management!!!…can’t wait for the mail to come. Thanks Larry, you’ve outdone yourself, which isn’t easy.

  29. Eugene Lives!!!!

    Thanks, Larry!

  30. Super awosome, though I would rather see a monster hunter movie than a Monster hunter webcomic.
    Not sure what actors would be best but to avoid mix ups with that other monster hunter movie done by I think it was Will Smith you could title it something like “MHI: We hunt monsters” though I am sure some guy who gets payed to think of such things could come up with something better.

  31. If anybody on the kickstarter list died intestate, I would cheerfully take over. Missed by about a week, gumbydambit

    Half of the stuff I’ve already bought disappeared into Afghanistan so I’m running a little low.

    Cheers, Pete.

    Extra large, moderately hairy.

  32. so? if you get paid a ton of money=not a real writer does this mean that no money for art=a real artist?

  33. The Christmas Noun would make an Epic webcomic!

  34. Larry — You can TOO draw! The first thing I noticed was the amount of character in your Owen drawing. There’s a real expression on his face when he’s riding the dachshund — and it takes a genuine talent to depict a facial expression with such simple lines. The simplicity itself is artistic — people practice for years to be able to express so much with so little.

    If I ever meet you at a con (or a dark alley) I must find a way to get you to do a doodle for me! πŸ™‚

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