I’m at Space City Con in Galveston this weekend

I will be at Space City Con in Galveston this weekend. So if you are in the area come by and say hi.  Once I know my actual schedule of signings and stuff I’ll post it here.

10 Responses

  1. Yes, please do. I can’t work the Con but I plan to come by Friday and say hi!!

  2. Have fun. Thanks for the retweet!

  3. May have to go by there.

  4. Huh, I can’t make the con, but I might be able to swing by and buy you a beer Saturday evening if you’re interested.

  5. Damn! Such short notice. Live in Houston and would like to say hi but hard committed that weekend. Eventually.


  6. Dang.. You finally show up in Texas and it’s just about as far as you can get from here. You leave me debating the virtues of a five hour drive.

  7. well i know what I’m doing this weekend. also how many books can i ask you to sign without it being rude.

  8. I won’t make it to the Con, but I will note that I’m pretty sure you make a cameo as a Farmer in Bad Penny. Amusing.

  9. Sure you don’t want to make a side trip to Austin? Can’t make it to Galveston this weekend.

  10. Well, that makes my weekend! I had no idea there was a Con. And here I was bemoaning the fact that there wasn’t a gun show…next best thing!

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