Last Call for SAD PUPPIES!

Okay everybody, today is the deadline for you to join up to combat the scourge of Puppy Related Sadness. Take a stand against Big Hugo.

And just think everybody, if they hated me before, and literati heads would explode anyway if one of my books got a Hugo nomination, just imagine what it’ll be like now after the last week of hatey-hate and all those righteous blog posts about my frothing/raging/ranting bigotry of anger malice.  It will be like the movie Scanners! 🙂

This is where you go to buy your voting membershp:

If you aren’t familiar with my Sad Puppies campaign, go here:



22 Responses

  1. Voted a few days ago. You are on the list 🙂

  2. You mean like this:

    He does sort of look like Jim Hines

  3. If this works I so want a youtube video of it, even more so if heads really do explode.

  4. Purchased today and FYI: the GBP conversion is about a buck cheaper than the US ticket.

  5. Done. Almost waited too long.

  6. I would pay ADDITIONAL good money to see a Larry-vs-Hines Steel-cage Chainsaw Deathmatch at the Hugo Ceremony. Let’s make THAT happen, too. . .

    • I give hines about as long as it takes Larry to start his chainsaw, assuming Larry needs to start it to hack Hines to pieces with it.

  7. In all seriousness, wouldn’t you rather we all spent $40 on your books than give $40 to these idjits?

  8. Done. Will you be posting a list of voting suggestions later? I’ll make up my own mind but I don’t read a lot of short fiction lately.

  9. Is that the “supporting” membership? I don’t see anything listed as “voting membership”.

  10. Salgak, how do you think this Jim would do based on this picture of him:

    • Jim Hines doesn’t even have access to a shotgun?
      I have a feeling trying to run a chainsaw might make be a bit much for the poor lad. (Although I also suspect it would be highly entertaining watching him encounter the switch marked “choke”.)

      • Jim Hines doesn’t even have access to a shotgun?

        I know, right? How the **** does one keep house without a shotgun? If someone breaks in, what the **** are you gonna shoot him with?

  11. OK, I’m in. Hoping for a pointer on the mechanics of voting when the time comes, because I’m lazy.

  12. Picked up a Loncon membership a few weeks ago and nominated Warbound for the Hugo. Finished listening to the Audible audiobook last week, and just received my signed first edition hardback in the mail today. Now to work on tracking down as many of the first editions for the others that I can…

  13. If you win, you need to make up challenge coins that read “Hugo award winning author Larry Correia” on one side, with “Take that, b!tches” on the other, and hand them out like business cards. Heck, I’d pledge to a Kickstarter for one of those coins.

    • To go along with the “Take that bitches” side, it should have a picture of exploding heads or Larry dismembering hines with a chainsaw, you know just for kicks. 🙂

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