SoE now on and other updates

This one was supposed to have gone up for sale last week with the others but there was a small production delay. Swords of Exodus, read by Bronson Pinchot, is up now:

In other news I’m sending Monster Hunter Nemesis off today. Which means it is time to play the MUSIC OF TRIUMPH!

This is the song I play when I wrap up a project. Because Awesome.

I’m going to have to contact two of the MHIRPG redshirts though. Sadly, their chracters ended on the cutting room floor, so I’m going to make sure they get bigger parts in the next one. Everybody else, I think you’ll be pretty happy with your parts/deaths.

Tomorrow is LTUE. So if you are anywhere near Utah and you want to take part of one of the best writing conferences available you really need to check it out.

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  1. So glad to hear Nemesis is away, will start watching the Baen e-arc section intently!

  2. Los Angeles Book Signing??

  3. how long does it usually take for Bean to get back to you about something big like that?
    Lucky people that get to read it all early that they are. 🙂

    • The ebook is a scheduled for a July 16 release so expect a late March to mid April release of the eARC.

      • The formatters have been really quick lately. Weber/Flint turned Cauldron of Ghosts in just a few days before the earc came out. I imagine that it’ll be a fairly quick turn around since Larry did a first editing pass.

      • Added to my calendar.
        My wife is going to ask questions about “Franks v. World”. And then roll her eyes at me.

  4. Re: LTUE

    I have always enjoyed the Directors Cut movies more than the regular releases. It just seems that the cut scenes tell a better story but cause the work to no longer fit some cookie cutter predetermined slot.

    I’ve always enjoyed the unabridged books more too. I think a significant part of an author getting better over his career is the editors messing with his stuff less.

    So, Larry:
    How much of your stuff hits the floor after the editors get it?
    If any, has it reduced since MHI?
    Do you have specific limits on how much you can have in a book?
    Specific minimum lengths?
    Are you paid by the word, or by the book? Or something else?
    Do the folks at Baen consider your Kaiju book, and the Warmachine stuff cheating? Do they encourage it? Do they utterly not care?

    If you were to go to and start self publishing, would they get bent out of shape?
    Does Baen expect the brand new authors to behave differently, business wise, than they expect of you?

    Is there anything a new author might do that would kill forever any chance of working with a publisher like Baen?

  5. While the news about Nemesis is quite exciting, the linked video led me to a RMFT moment when I found this:

    Pirate Metal is a thing, and that thing is totally awesome.

  6. See, I love the instrumentals in your Music of Triumph, but the vocals leave something to be desired. The whole death-grunt just isn’t my thing.

    Now, I think this might work better.

  7. Congratulations, Mr. Correia. May you meet with rousing success.

    I received Hard Magic by you and The Judge of Ages by John Wright. I finished Judge first since I’d already read the previous two books. I’ll be starting Hard Magic now. From what I’ve heard, I should soon be reading the rest of that series as well. Can’t wait.

  8. The weapon to kill Agent Franks, should you ever want to.

    It would probably dent a giant Kaiju as well.

  9. Who do I have to suck up to (oh mighty, excellent writer of beyond awesomeness) in order to join the Alpha reader team? I already know how to proofread (and edit) and would LOVE to be an alpha reader…I’m good. (and I can supply references!)

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