Sad Puppies… err… Hugo nominations now open!

This has the info about how to get your PIN to nominate. 

Up next, some posts where we argue about who and what to nominate! WARBOUND! Oh. I’m sorry. Was that crass? (warbound).

9 Responses

  1. Got my pin… looking forward to some nomination discussions.

  2. Hey Larry, when will the paperback version of Warbound be out?

  3. Submitted Warbound for best novel. I’ll decide if I feel like throwing in any other nominations later. This has been a terrible reading year for me.

  4. I’d also recommend anything by jack Campbell but at the moment I can’t remember if he got anything out this last year, I think he did. So if he has any books available I recommend them.

  5. I notice that Marko Kloos is eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

  6. […] Correia, creator of the ”Sad Puppies” campaign to get his novel nominated for a Hugo, urged those buying Loncon 3 memberships in order to […]

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