New web address and fixing up the blog

Because my last name is so damned hard for people to spell, I am happy to announce that the new web address for this blog is and all of the old links will still work and direct here.

You may have noticed we’re doing a little house cleaning and will be changing some stuff around on the blog. Since CorreiaTech’s marketing daimyo, Jack, is currently stuck on the Challenge Coin Kickstarter until the mint ships us the last couple hundred coins they shorted us so he can ship out the last 10% of the KS orders, he got bored and started messing around with the blog. Because I am technologically impatient and would rather be writing books than figuring out how websites work, that is fine by me.

27 Responses

  1. Tell me about misspelled names. People who read my name can’t pronounce it, and people who hear my name can’t spell it. (It’s one of those German names that everybody assumes has extra Es and double Ns, but my forebears were either a) barely literate, b) lazy, or c) both.)

    • My last name is Knighton. It’s been massacred nine ways to Sunday. It’s amazing the people who can’t even be bothered to note that there’s an “on” at the end and pronounce it “Knight”.

      Those aren’t the worst offenders by any means…and I really don’t think it’s that hard a name unlike Correia or some German names.

      • Heck, my surname is Watt. People still manage to screw it up on a regular basis.
        I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a slightly unusual name utilizing more than three sounds, but it must be aggravating as all get-out.

      • Yes. Yes it is.

        But I think I’d be more annoyed if Watt got screwed up.

      • People keep insisting on putting an e on the end of my last name. Didn’t help that there is a alternative spelling with an silent H in front.

      • My last name is Vause, it rhymes with Sauce or Gause. It’s spelled with an AU, not an OU but I get called Vouse all the time. As if it rhymed with Mouse or House. I have heard it pronounced Va Use and Vaze and several others that I can’t recall. At this point if they are calling me to dinner or to give me money then I ignore it. Otherwise I give then a ration of shit about going back to grammar school.

      • What’s funny is when I read the name, before I got to how to pronounce it, the voice in my head pronounced it perfectly.

        Sometimes, it just isn’t that hard.

      • @dyingearth:

  2. Since you’re making changes, and are so wordy, how about a theme that is wider?

  3. Seriously? I mean, how hard is it to spell Korea?


  4. Thats a good move, I assume was taken? (had to google it myself)

  5. It seems more mobile friendly now.
    But scrolling past the really long posts is still a pain.

    • Well, there’s always the short version of a Long Larry Post:

      “Liberals, you’re short, ugly, an yer momma dresses ya funny”. . .

      Glad to be of service. . . . 😉

  6. Yay! Website changes! Maybe you will leave the 2004 design!


  7. We’d rather you were writing books instead of playing with websites too, Larry!

  8. Moved ya on my links.

  9. So… when can we expect to go active?

  10. Funny you should mention this. I’ve been telling people that you don’t know how to pronounce your own name. You say it like the country Koh-ree-yah, but it’s pronounced Koh-ray-yah. C’mon, get it right.

  11. It is possible that I am being selectively blind, but where is the link to the archives? Being able to get to favorite posts – such as the Christmas (NOUN) stories – would be nice.

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