Geeky Hobbies, quick painting WiP

Mostly posting some quick, ugly, WiP shots because I need to host these to put them on the Privateer Press forums hoping for some feedback. 🙂

When I got this one my son decided that the character looked like him. It really does too. Especially the concept art. Hence the 57, which is my son’s football number.

Gaston 1

Gaston 2

Gaston 3

14 Responses

  1. Really Fantastic work! Is everything Layer shaded, no blending?

    • Mixed and layered. I can’t two brush blend armor very well when it is in small bits like on this one.

  2. Have you ever played Steve Jackson’s Ogre from SJG? Big, and I mean big, new Designer Edition box set out now with 3D cardboard cybertanks that you assemble. More info at:

    And I’m a big fan and you can see my miniatures on my blog here:

  3. I’ve been hunting through old posts trying to find the one where you posted pictures of some minis with autumn leaves on the bases. I remember you said they were some kind of seed pod. What kind was that again?

  4. Larry, you got a mention in The Guardian.

    Vox Day’s article:

    which refers to your fisking of the gender identity article a while back.

    Which was purportedly ” excellently dissected by Jim C Hines”
    Fiskception: Dissecting Correia’s Critique of MacFarlane

    Because it’s Saturday afternoon, and Sunday readers of the Guardian need to be irritated tomorrow.

    • Hilariously, the Guardian writer assumes the reason for the guys playing busty dark elf maidens is because gamer guys are all secret gender benders.

      His cluelessness is pathetically funny. The fact that gamers spend a fair amount of time looking at their own characters is lost upon him.

  5. What’s the setting for this guy. Looks cool as heck. He has a hurking big gun. Some kind of blunderbuss?

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