Another Kickstarter I’m helping out in

Details to follow, because it should be releasing soon, but I’m contributing some short fiction to a Kickstarter for another RPG. This is for the world of Aetaltis. 

The reason I’m excited? Look at the other contributors.

  • Larry Elmore (Anthology Cover)
  • David Farland (Author)
  • Matt Forbeck (Author)
  • Ed Greenwood (Author)
  • Dave Gross (Author)
  • Amanda Hamon (Pathfinder Rules Editor)
  • John Helfers (Author/Anthology Editor)
  • Steven S. Long (Author/ Adventure Editor)
  • Mitchell Malloy (Lead Artist)
  • Mel Odom (Author)
  • Jean Rabe (Author)
  • Mike Schley (Cartography)
  • Lucy A. Snyder (Author)
  • Michaerl A. Stackpole (Author)
  • Elizabeth Vaughan (Author)
  • Universe M (Interior illustrations/logos/sketchcards)

If you are a gamer, you recognize a bunch of those names. 🙂

7 Responses

  1. Met Elmore at D*C 08 and invited him and his lovely partner to the Kilts and Corsets party that some ‘flies throw every year.

    He actually showed – what a great time. Also, fun to chat with the guy that did so many covers on books that I like.

  2. We need a link. Sorry.

  3. I see a few Pathfinder RPG contributors. Is it compatible or a new system?

  4. A quick websearch for the world name reveals this:

  5. Check out for all the details. It’s centered on a Pathfinder Compatible product, but includes some great short fiction and art. We’re really excited to see it coming together, and I’m thrilled Larry is taking part!

  6. In case some of you guys are still following this thread, I want to thank all of the folks who have backed the project so far! Kickstarter tells me quite a few folks came over from here. Thank you!

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