Book bomb (sorta)

Today is not really a full press Book Bomb, but more of a heads up. This amuses me greatly:

“Little Black Book of People I Want to Throat Punch”
by Cold Dead Hands

It’s not a written book, but a blank one for you to keep lists in (or whatever). Buying this book does a few things- it helps out the folks at Cold Dead Hands (the 2nd Amendment advocacy group), it’s sure to freak out any liberals who might see it, and it helps out another member of the Monster Hunter Nation (CorreiaTech’s Marketing Dyaimo Jack is proving a point on the power of the MHN) (and getting paid!) So check it out and if it amuses you too, pick up a copy!

19 Responses

  1. Take out book. “Now, how did you spell your name again? Thanks.”

  2. I’d love to have one, but with my luck it’d get me a 911 call and a restraining order…


  3. Does it have at least a thousand blank pages? Or will I have to buy more than one?

  4. πŸ™‚ Neat idea! πŸ™‚

  5. Most of the people I would like to have punched in the throat are dead.

  6. Problem, it is one of those dam side books. For real intimidation, it needs to flip over

  7. Never write them down. That just proves premeditation. {grin}

  8. See you @ ConGregatge!!!

  9. A bit harsh, and IMHO overly provocative. What Geodkyt said with a grin might actually come back to bite you.

    How about a “Little Black Book of People I Would Like to Coat with Lemon Sherbet and then throw to Torchwood?”

    Actually, thinking about it, throat punching would probably be the kinder, gentler option . . . -eg-

  10. Now that’s PERFECT for Christmas. A real-life Death Note book !!!!

    • For people who like to abuse their overly-devoted, somehow famous girlfriends, pretend they’re smart by using the wrong side of Occam’s Razor, and still think they’re sane after seeing invisible creatures.

      • You’re going to have to refresh my memory because I don’t recall any ‘abuse’. He used her, sure. Ignored her, definitely. But there’s a difference between that and abuse. Hell, I thought Light acted asexual and never so much as touched the girl.

      • Convincing her to give up 3/4 of her lifespan just for his advantage, not exactly the actions of someone who cares about another’s well-being. Abuse doesn’t have to be sexual.

  11. Just a heads up, in a shocking turn of events, released a review of the Grimnoir trilogy that not only DOES NOT call for your death, but speaks quite well of it.

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