Kaiju Rising in Audiobook!

Kaiju Rising has just hit audiobook and Audible.com.


I have a story in this anthology that is a lot of fun. I got to write about a 12th century alcoholic samurai archer’s quest to defeat the Great Sea Beast that ruined his life.  I got the idea from my friend Tony, not that he is a drunken samurai in real life, but from his L5R RPG character, and I had a blast with it.

The anthology is packed with awesome giant monster stories from a bunch of good authors. Check it out.


3 Responses

  1. Hey Larry, not to change the subject, but is it a good or a bad thing that I imagine this song as Agent Frank’s theme song?

  2. Are there any plans for Kaiju Rising to be released in paperback or hardcover?

    • Kaiju Rising has been out in paperback since February of 2014. The publisher (me) also has a handful of hardbacks in stock. Contact us through the website if interested.

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