Kaiju Rising physical book is out now

For those of you who missed out on the Kickstarter, you can now get the Kaiju Rising in physical book. The eBook has been available for a bit.  It is also available on Audible. It is a big fat anthology of giant monster stories.
I’ve got one in there called The Great Sea Beast.  I had a lot of fun with it. It is a sort of 13th century Moby Dick story about a drunken samurai archer on a mission of revenge against a rampaging kaiju. And yes, I really do love my job. 🙂

6 Responses

  1. The Great Sea Beast was full of Awesome and Win. I’d love to read more of Munetaka’s adventures.

  2. ;_; Waaaant. But it’s not out at Book Depository yet. Maybe I’ll give in and go for a Kindle this Christmas.

    • That’s what you get for living down under…

      • Yeah, but every day is an adventure, don’cha know? With the spiders in the morning and the massive mozzie season coming in… oh and the risks of skin cancer, and yay jellyfish…! /grins playfully

      • I our last d&d campaign, the world had a version of Australia. Literally everything, plays plants too, except one creature could kill you.

        That creature was a giant spider used as a pet, guard dog, Nanny, baby stroller. The locals would put their kid on it knowing it would keep them safe from all the other dangers.

  3. I’ve alwayse stayed away from audio books. Recently the Drizzt short stories were offered for free from audible. I found while I like consuming books, the short stories had a radio drama feel.

    I think I’ll try this collection in audible format. If the radio drama feel holds, I might start getting short story anthologies in audio for my drives to work.

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