New Baen dramatic audio productions, fully voice acted.

Okay, this is really cool.

Baen is taking some of our short stories and making them into fully cast, dramatic audio presentations. Think old school radio dramas. The first one is Eric Flint’s Islands.

Tony Daniel said this: Episode 1 of “Islands,” the dramatic adaptation of Eric Flint’s Belisarius novella “Islands,” is now posted as part of the Baen Free Radio Hour podcast. There will be a total of four episodes. It’s full cast (15 actors in all), with a cinematic soundtrack. 

Which is awesome, but it gets better.

If this project is successful and people like the dramatic presentations, then up next will be my Grimnoir story, Detroit Christmas.

So check it out. Tell your friends. I really want an old school radio drama version of Detroit Christmas. 🙂

24 Responses

  1. This is really cool.

    There’d been a project to do something like this for C. J. Cherryh’s Foreigner series, but I haven’t heard anything from them lately.

  2. Oooh! Sounds fantastic. 🙂

    How will the success of the project be determined? Number of podcast downloads? I didn’t see a comment area on the podcasts page, so I’m not sure how else to provide feedback.

  3. So want to hear Detroit Christmas. Want so much more to perform in it.

  4. Just curious if you have any idea what “successful” means, in the context of inclusion in a free podcast that already included weekly author interviews and segments of awesome Baen audiobooks, to which we fans of Baen media were already subscribing anyway. 🙂

    (For the record, I was dubious about this enterprise, when Tony first announced it, but having listened to the first episode this past Saturday during a road trip with da wife, I’m totally sold.)

  5. How about you just get Bronson Pinchot to do ‘Detroit Christmas’? His characterizations are so good it is like an ensemble cast instead of just on performer.

  6. Oh, I can really use Tanya, Princess of the Elves dramatic presentation.

  7. They need better actors, better music, better sound effects, better script writing. They had a guy at an ancient roman battlefield, with bombs going off, and bullet ricochets.

    The music sounded like it was played on a nintendo. They could still do it, but they need to get much better.

    • I am pretty sure that’s accurate to the setting of the story. It’s an alternate history story where the Romans got knowledge from the future and started developing advanced technology.

    • One could quibble over whether the Byzantine empire is truly /ancient/ Rome.

      I like bit tunes or chip tunes or whatever they are called.

      • Bob, I’m not an expert like David Drake, but the history I’ve read indicates the Byzantines certainly thought of themselves as Romans.

        I like most of the voice acting, the music is okay as are the sound effects, although the male protagonist’s voice kind of reminds me of Ranger from Action Figure Therapy:

  8. Ooh, I’d like to hear an ensemble recording of your story. That’d be nifty.

  9. I really like it. In fact this is how I wished audio books. I was really disappointed when I picked up the audio book of Hard Magic. It’s one of my favorite books, the audio book one awards for best narration, and the Audio book is rated as one of the top must haves buy audioable. Everything seemed to be in place for me to love it, but I just could not get into it. If there was an audio version like this though, I’d buy it in a heart beat. I can’t wait for Detroit Christmas in this format. Can I just buy it now.

  10. What up, Larry? Love the books you write, I might even enjoy the Dead Six series more than MHI, call me weird. But Enjoy all of ’em. But we have a prob lem.
    Down loaded the podcast onto my smart lil’ dumb Android, (as well as the Hard Magic readings by Pinchot) and the durned things won’t play. DISCRIMINTION!!! HELP!

    • I’m technologically illiterate. You’ll have to ask them.

    • Have you tried opening them in a player, rather than trying to play the file directly?

    • If you bought your phone at a physical store, you could try going in and asking them. Even if you didn’t buy it there but they sell the kind of phone you have, they might could help. It’s probably a problem with how you’re trying to access the files rather than with the files themselves, I’d guess.

    • For many a year, VLC Player has been the premier player for the tech geek. It’s famous for playing pretty much everything.

      There is now an official port to Android, and I suggest a trip to the Android Store and installing it:

      The main website:

      I have an earlier unofficial port installed on my tablet. I’ll be switching to this one now that I’ve found the official port, thanks to you. 🙂

  11. Awesome. I’ve been looking for something to supplement all the Doctor Who radio dramas I’ve been listening to in the car lately -this should do nicely.

  12. So, when’s the audition to play Franks? Because that was worth at least $0.99.

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