I have a Book Signing on Halloween, University of Utah bookstore.

On Halloween from noon to two I’ll be signing books at the University of Utah bookstore, along with Brad Torgersen and Robison Wells.

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  1. I am so there! (he he he)

    • Hah. I had to double check the post. I just ordered your book. Should have it read by then. It’s mil Sci Fi so my Dad will love it twice as much as me. Hope to see you there.

  2. Are you sure you want to be there? There is people with gun at the University! There is danger!

  3. I will try to catch you – like I need a better reason to leave work early on a Friday, I will warn you they have a home Football game that night so the craziness will ensue as the day goes on.

  4. Aww, man! I am flying home that day!

  5. Dude! Finally someplace close! Now to figure out how to leave work midday on Friday to drive up. I’m in Happy Valley. Hmm…

    • Just in case I can’t make it, I want to say THANKS for helping me enjoy reading Sci Fi/fantasy books again. I had shrunk to reading Butcher Bujold and Briggs for quite awhile. And occasionally my father’s left over mil Sci fi like Weber and Ringo. There were long stretches of just rereading and poking around in the mystery section.

      I grew up reading Sci fi books but the crap got to be too much to wade through. After reading a sequence in some bizarre book where people who opposed abortion were sentenced to Hell to be perpetually pregnant, I was scarred and nearly gave up the genre.

      Thanks to you, now I have so many authors to choose from! Since finding your blog from a gun post, I stayed for the humor and was rewarded with introductions to Hoyt, Wright, Sanderson, and books like MHI and the best trilogy since Lord of the Rings, yes I am talking about Grimnoir!

      I am delighted and hope to push a few authors up the alphabet all by myself. Thank you!!!

  6. Just want to say, let Baen know about Ft Hood, Texas, 2 full divisions, and a whole raft of service and service support. A book signing by yourself and your friends would be awesome.

    SFC (Ret)
    COV (Ret)
    KSCA (Ret)

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