Booger Hook off the Bang Switch MHI shirts

Mike Williamson and Toni Weisskopf were having a conversation and it turned into this. Plus, Mike was kind enough to use one of my favorite guns ever.

8 Responses

  1. See, this kind of thing is one of the many reasons I want to meet you, Mike, and Toni in person. Really wish you guys would come down to Texas more often. Or that I could get time off to go somewhere like LibertyCon.

  2. if that doesn’t make it into the next book in some fashion you should be flogged sir.

  3. Bought one for my daughter, who is now coaching the younger kids in the Jr Rifle club. Of course, she would rather have an MP-5 instead of the shirt…

  4. Well, you’ve just solved my “what to get darlin’ daughter for Christmas” question!

  5. Oh, and THANK YOU for making them in sizes for us non-petite types!!!!

  6. Feel like Colombo (Ah One More Thing…) the irony of having pickrf a piece to remind us that we suck and they hate us was not missed.

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