Updates on various projects and things

It has been really busy around here. Here are some quick updates.

First off, the epic fantasy novel is back from the Reader Force Alpha. They were extremely helpful as usual. I’ve been doing edits on that and will be sending it off to Baen by the end of this week. It is pretty awesome.

But today I’ve got to go be interviewed for a documentary about Bigfoot… Yes, I lead an interesting life. No. Despite the 56 inch chest and size 15 feet, I’m not related to Bigfoot. Because I write monster books I’m the guy to talk about the influences of cryptids on pop culture, which if you think about it, is sort of what I do for a living.

I’ve got to hit the post office on the way to send some thank you packages. One of them is for this.

Don Williams is a fan who reads this blog and has seen my many pictures of painted Warmachine minis. He had an army gathering dust, so he sent it to me. Yes, on the side I run Correia’s Home For Orphaned Miniatures and Teddy Bear Hospital.


So thank you, Don. They will get a nice paint job and a loving home.

But first, I’ve got to go vote. My one disappointment this election is that I don’t live in Mia Love’s district, so I can’t help make it so that Utah has zero democrats in our congressional delegation.

Other than that, slow week. Only one death threat on Facebook yesterday, but for some reason I doubt I’m going to get invited to go on Colbert to field some softball questions.

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  1. You really ought to do a monthly thing where you share the best death threats you’ve gotten recently.

    • This one was weak. The thread is still there on my FB page, but he deleted all his comments. It is the Lena Dunham post. Dumb ass shows up, saying that I only care because this is a liberal democrat woman molesting children, and how come I don’t condemn Catholic priests, or men, huh, huh? (because you know, when commenting on a current event you have to cite every historical instance where a republican did something bad first) Except that I always condemn people like that. I’ve got posts where I did talk about the Catholic pedophilia scandals (hell, I reposted all of Peter Grant’s excellent articles on the subject).

      So he got called on it by my fans, and in typical self identified “caring liberal” fashion went from condemning misogyny to calling people cunts in 3 posts, and by 4 was threatening to murder them. Stay classy. πŸ™‚

      Death threats like that are good for a laugh. The ones that actually worry me I don’t post, I don’t talk about, I take down and file away. I’ve had some weird, creepy motherfuckers show up over the years.

      • Geeze…

        Even that noted conservative pundit Perez Hilton *cough* has weighed in against Dunham on this. The pro-Dunham pushback is creepy. And worrisome.

      • It’s creepy, but not unanticipatable. For some tom-fool reason, the woman is a feminist icon (oh, for the days of Susan B. Anthony. Even Alice Paul would be better), and, perhaps more importantly, is a member of the “creative class, auteur level.” Therefore, in the eyes of the SJW, she is above reproach, much like Roman Polanski, except even more so.

      • It’d still be funny to post how they go from ‘caring Liberal’ to ‘frothing at the mouth with threats of death’.

        And +1 to the suggestion of posting the more hilarious death threat examples (Malkin does, occasionally) though I can definitely understand why if you don’t.

      • The weirdest bit of it is that probably only a tiny fraction of people really know who she is. Yeah, “Girls” is critically acclaimed (whatever that means). But it’s on HBO, and the vast majority of Americans don’t watch it.

      • I’m sort of curious as to what Lena Dunham has done to be a “feminist icon?” Molest her little sister and make false accusations, including physically-improbable ones of rape?

      • The PC were smelling their own B.O. I looked; at the height of the Dunham dust up Anita Sarkeesian, Damien Walter and that whole crowd had zip to say, and there’s a reason for that. They won’t disown a gender feminist because GF’s doing their gender-is-fluid thing are never wrong.

        They can’t support her without taking it on the chin either. They felt exposed and the reason is because they support an ideology that calls for the overthrow of heterosexuality and the nuclear family and they make no secret about it. Scalzi and Hines might be too dumb to know that but you can draw a straight line from Leckie, Hurley and MacFarlane right back to the craziest radical gay feminists who ever lived and you can do that with quotes, not guesses.

        “The incest taboo can be destroyed only by destroying the nuclear family as the primary institution of the culture. The nuclear family is the school of values in a sexist, sexually repressed society.” – respected feminist Andrea Dworkin

        Sound “binary” “the future is queer” familiar?

      • Why do you live on Blueberry Lane?

        Did anyone catch this Tweet I just saw by SF’s resident Hugo-nominated Skiffy and Fanty PC clowncar:

        “Some days, this hetero white male guy really wants the Patriarchy to burn, and burn to ashes.” – Paul Weimar

        That’s worth a pile of chuckles. Useful don’t come much more useful than that.

      • Yeah, it’s really telling to see what the SJW crowd is *not* talking about. Ebola, Russia, ISIS, homegrown jihadis . . . But GamerGate? They’ve got that covered 24/7!

  2. Aw man, if Bigfoot makes an appearance in the next Monster Hunter that would be awesome. Maybe there can be a scene where he punches Melvin in the face for eating all of his reserve stolen snacky-cakes. Bigfoots gotta eat too.

  3. I hope the shirt fits too by the way. I’ve been waiting to see this post for a few weeks now. It’s going to be great watching what you do with them.

  4. I’m happy to see you finally putting this up. I also hope the shirt fits too. That part was kind of spur of the moment. Definitely good to see them going to a good home that will turn them into something better than I could. If you ever find yourself in town again, I’ve got a ribeye steak the size of one of my clown shoes for you if you want it.

  5. Big foot would have to be on Special Task Force Unicorn, because it makes sense that some thing that doesn’t exist would be a member of an organization that does not exist.

    I can see the line when Owen or someone meets it.

    “Wait, is that wookie?”
    “No, you idiot, it’s a bigfoot”
    “Wow, do they have a unicorn too?”
    “Where did lose you sense of wonder and amazement, I just told you that’s a honest of Jesus bigfoot!”

    “Dude, my helo pilot is a Orc, our best tracker is a an Elf who lives in a trailer park, I personally know a 1oo ft fire breathing Dragon who sits on a golden cache in a cave & my boss is a 100 year old werewolf who is generally a nice guy. My in-laws are vampires. I have personally killed a 5 tonne flying stone griffin by beating it to death with a tire iron. I’m the damned twinkle toes of wonder. The bigfoot smells like a big wet dog and has fleas and is now leaning & bleeding on me. Do they have a unicorn over there, or not?

    (no rights reserved)

  6. Wow. A successful conservative writer receiving death threats? Whodathunkit? Hope you’ve reported those Scarry ones to the proper folks, you don’t strike me as a bloke who scares easy. Love your work, dude, but my book budget ain’t big enough….dammit.

  7. LOL, that’s going to be an interesting interview… Looking forward to the link to that! πŸ™‚

  8. By the way, it appears that Utah’s congressional reps are all Republicans now.

  9. Looks like war on women is over, and Democrats lost. #quagmire

    • Judging by the large number of female Republicans elected, well see a *real* war on women very soon.

      • You mean ‘again’? or ‘escalation of the ongoing war against female Republicans and non-Liberals’?

      • Escalation. I suppose the war never really ends, does it?

      • Yeah, but as Republicans they won’t be “real” women. Women, unlike men, don’t get to choose their party affiliation. According to Democrats, that is.

      • Clamps, is that you?

      • Yup. It’s Clamps/Yama/Alaudra/Freddie Foreshadowing/Daphnis all right.

      • Choakely, and trolling little turds should only poke their heads out from under their grandma’s basement toilets on every third Thursday.

      • “One of our own” who Mrs. Hoyt, and the other denizens of her comment section, slapped down immediately, you incompetent would-be troll. The first billy goat gruff would have been more than enough for you.

      • Cramps here likes to pretend that he understands the reality.

        Had people at According To Hoyt simply let the comment go, he would have called it agreement because no one slapped it down.

        Since people did slap it down, he’s going to claim that they only did it because they made them look bad.

        I mean, there’s absolutely no way people could have actually thought it was a terrible suggestion. That’s just crazy talk. [/eye roll]

      • Just for the sake of anyone who happens to show up, here’s the comment being referenced.
        Please take note of the nature of the replies, ladies and gentlemen.

      • No accusations of trolling or being a provocateur, just well-reasoned attacks on the premises behind his statement.

      • ..aaaaah, I see the source of Cramps’ hissy-fit:

        These ideas would reduce his faction’s ability to ballot stuff quite a bit.

        So the little parrot squawks with the must genuine imitation outrage his masters demand.

  10. Mia Love wins! I can’t wait to see the aneurysms start flying at PMSNBC!

    • Alas, I don’t get MSNBC here in Canada. I had to content myself with all the sad faces on CNN.

  11. Speaking of updates, how about Project Blue? Or Monster Hunter Guardian?

  12. Didn’t see it, but I heard that Sarkeesian flubbed when asked to name 3 misogynistic games. The hilarious thing is that I A) am only peripherally a gamer and B) don’t subscribe to her theory at all, but I can easily name 3 that probably qualify by her (moronic) standards: Grand Theft Auto (any of them), Super Mario Bros. (most of the series), and Half Life 2 Episode 2. #NameThreeGames

    • *blink* I gotta ask, how did the last two on your list ‘probably qualify’? Princess Toadstool was a near gamebreaking character with her ability to ‘float’ (the ‘rationale’ was her skirts acted like a parachute, but the result was she was the ‘slowest’ of the four to run, because hoop skirts aren’t really something you CAN run in very easily.)

      Haven’t played Half Life (*sigh.* no time…) but I’m curious. Not saying you think the games really are misogynistic, but why do you think they’d probably qualify under the moronic standards of the screeching judgemental whiners?

      • Haven’t played Half Life Episode 2 (played about half of Half Life 2, but never bothered to finish it), but I suspect that the female lead probably ends up spending the game as a Damsel in Distress. I suspect that Super Mario Brothers probably gets mentioned for a similar reason (“I’m sorry, Mario. But our princess is in another castle!”). Not the choices I’d go with by any means, but I can see a possible rationale.

      • @Junior: *eyeroll* As if in real life there are never any damsels in distress. Or any kind of female in distress. And given how easily SJW females seem to be reduced to vapors – mere wolf whistles provoke SUCH distress and outrage – I’m not sure what they consider ‘strong’ women.

      • Strong women? Easy – Lara Croft in a burka.


        Except when she’s involved in a Slut Walk, of course.

      • Super Mario because you’re quite frequently rescuing the damsel in distress. HL2 E2 because, again, a woman gets badly injured and is depending on you to save her life. I suspect GTA could legitimately be called misogynistic. The question is is it genuinely toxic or merely unpleasant. Honestly, in terms of harming women, feminist messages promoting promiscuity is far more damaging than any unkind portrayal in video games ever would be.

      • Honestly, in terms of harming women, feminist messages promoting promiscuity is far more damaging than any unkind portrayal in video games ever would be.


    • So could I: Grand Theft Auto (series), God of War (series), and Heavy Rain. Note: the first two, I think, might objectively be so; Heavy Rain is only so if your name is Anita Sarkeesian.

      • GTA would definitely draw fire. It’s notorious for things like being able to get a streetwalker in the back seat of your car, run her over, and then loot the money you paid her.

        Ironically, the first (and afaik only) bit of full frontal nudity in that series involved a male character…


        I thought one of the protagonists in Heavy Rain was a female? Or am I thinking of a different game?

      • You’re right, one of the protagonists in Heavy Rain is female. However, she ends up getting some information via pretending to be a stripper and giving a crime boss a lap dance.
        Also, there is only one female protagonist, and three males ones. Therefore, to someone like Anita Sarkeesian, misogynist.

  13. As far as bringing in sasquatch, wasn’t there a herd of them hanging around the wendigo? Just kill him off and have them leave Natchee Bottom on a rampage of vengance.

  14. Good call Larry (re: Mia Love)…heck, I’m not even from Utah and I wish I could’ve voted for her. Although, I did get to help put a Senate race that was completely off the radar into contention. Looks like we’ll probably keep our D senator, but results aren’t final yet.

  15. Larry, whats up with the Boberg shirt and hat? I sell them, nice little guns, my daily carry is a Rohrbaugh though:P

  16. Clamps is such a creepy little stalker. I mean really Andrew Marston of Marshfield, Mass., what exactly is your beef with a nice woman who’s never done you any actual harm?

    I mean we get that you’re crazy and have been routinely banned everywhere you go.

    We even get that you have your own wikipage you are so entirely creepy and devoid of actual humanity. But seriously? Don’t you think it’s time you grew up?

    The only people who aren’t laughing at you are the ones who want to kick your ass or think you should be in prison giving blowjobs to Bubba the 300 lb biker. Seriously son, it’s time to give it up. You’re a pathetic loser.

  17. WordPress does some amusing things to comments when a certain cretin’s postings are deleted. πŸ˜€

  18. This thread is really confusing if you’re reading it after all the Clamps has been removed.

  19. Unless your work is supposed to look like a street walking troll…

  20. People who claim I use feral criminal rapists as if they were hunting dogs in order to sew fear into the hearts of women and soften them up so I can more easily break them to my will are being given PhDs at respected universities and moving government policy to deny due legal process to men on that basis.

    Inspired by such academics, women in SF who claim I metaphorically punch them in the face at random in a sudden beserker rage due to male heterosexual whiteness and keep files for the FBI because I want to drag them behind a pick-up truck are being given Hugo Awards.

    The last two presidents of the SFWA claim 3.5 billion men are out to get 3.5 billion women and that adopting radical black lesbian supremacist feminism is the solution.

    A woman who claims entire continents are out to get her and that SF editors literally rape her identity is being given Guest of Honor posts at SF conventions.

    A woman who doesn’t know where babies come from and claims she is an anti-racist also claims white men have the brains of buffaloes is being lauded for her cutting edge SF.

    Marston seems pretty damn normal in comparison.

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