If you are going to Christmas shop on Amazon, my links are like a tip jar.

I’ve got an Amazon affiliates account set up. What that means is that whenever you enter Amazon through any of the book links on either side of this blog page, anything you then purchase on Amazon from there I get an advertising referral bonus. The prices don’t change for you, but for me it is like a convenient little tip jar.

So if you are going to shop on Amazon anyway, consider entering through one of my links.

Now if you Christmas shopping is already done, and you got your presents by looting your local Walgreens, I can’t really help you. Because nothing says Stick It To The Man like burning down a Taco Bell.

18 Responses

  1. I’m going to be more trendy. Instead of following your links, I’m going to go to Amazon, grab some stuff off of the shelves, set fire to the place, and call it “justice.”

  2. You forgot to mention a percentage of your cut will be donated to the Evil League of Evil’s Museum of Oppression of Everybody and puppy petting zoo. (Check out the shirts in the gift shop!)

  3. Because in the future, all restaurants are Taco Bell.

  4. . . .which shows the idiocy of the looters. Loot the Walgreens and get. . .what ?

    You want to loot, hit Macy’s or Dillard’s or similar. Or a high-end Electronics place, NOT an “Aaron’s Rent-to-Own”. . .

    I only wish there was a Gun Show going on near Ferguson. Hell, I’d pay money for a camera-feed from THAT. . . . (evil grin)

  5. All I want for Christmas is a tactical shotgun!!!!

  6. Does anyone know if the Amazon affiliate links give a referral bonus for audible purchases with credits?

  7. this work for amazon.ca as well. for your northern army of hate and oppression followers?

  8. You do know that the Amazon link doesn’t work in Firefox? Just Barnes & Noble shows up in my browser. (Mutter, mutter, conspiracy, mutter, TANSTAAFL “free” browser, mutter.) The “Shattered Shields” link to Amazon works, though.

  9. Larry, you need an Amazon Button like Instapundit has… that way, ANYTHING we buy via your link goes into the tip jar.

    Because ammo ain’t cheap, and you have all those Hungry Viking Children to feed 😉

  10. Will do, Mr. Correia

  11. Hope I did it right- already had a cart full of goodies (including two copies of D6 Book 1 for two of my favorite Marines) but exited Amazon (remembering this notice right before I clicked “place order”) and went back in via the link on this page.

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