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Quick post. I’m at LTUE. Yesterday I talked to an editor I know who has run into a sticky situation. He has a bunch of his anthologies at Amazon and was just told that he is going to be charged a pretty hefty storage fee for whatever he doesn’t move by Saturday. So he marked them down a bunch and was telling everybody at the con.

It is 400 something pages, but more importantly it has a Brad Torgersen story in it! Some new author named Kevin Anderson wrote the intro. I know some of these folks and they are good guys.

“Here’s the important step: click the link that says “23 new from $xxx” for each volume, and choose the non-profit Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation from the list of sellers. That will get you a brand-new copy from our first print run and it will help me out immensely by pulling from my inventory.”

if I recall correctly that is a non profit for helping out writers but don’t quote me on that.

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  1. Wierd question: why is Volume III so much pricer than the other three volumes ?

    • No idea. I think $15 was regular and he knocked the others down to $5 to to move them but still cover printing costs. I’m just passing this on.

    • * shakes fist * AMAZAAAAAAHN!

      It’s also $5 for Volume III. It’s correct in my Seller Account view. After my 9am panel, I’ll contact them and see why they haven’t updated the price.

  2. Happy to help.

  3. You can quote me on it: Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) with a letter of determination from the IRS. Yippee!

  4. All but Volume III say “Temporarily out of stock”. Am I doing something wrong, or did they all just sell out that quickly?

  5. just picked up a copy of volume 4 🙂

  6. Thanks for this post, Larry. It’s a huge help, and now I can go moderate more LTUE panels with a little less stress!

  7. Done. I’ve been meaning to get this one anyway.

  8. Ok, all but volume three are showing”temporarily out of stock” and there’s only one new volume three left. Mission accomplished? Or am I mistaken?

  9. Wings level, good sparkle, in hot with guns.

  10. @misha, nope. There is stock; you have to click on the smaller link next u the “x news at $y”.

  11. Grabbed all 4 volumes for $19.75.

  12. done, glad to help

  13. Snagged Vol. III. Good thing is, it looks like all the others are sold out from all vendors…

  14. In for one of each.

  15. Eh. Not the first time I’ve spent money on books sight unseen. At least this time its for a good reason and I know I’ll like at least some of it.

  16. More easily spotted here:

    Got a copy; Peter & I will look forward to using it in an ongoing discussion about short story structure vs. novels.

    Complete aside, if you have the time. (You don’t, I know, you’re dealing with Life, the Universe, and Everything.) How easy or hard was the transition from writing novels to writing short stories for you?

  17. Picked up volumes 1-4 for $5.00 ea, looks like some good reading.

  18. What the heck. Got ’em all. 🙂

  19. Although the window for avoiding the storage fee has passed, we moved 175+ books. I’m so grateful to all of you in the Monster Hunter Nation that I’m leaving the discount pricing in place while supplies last.

    That means Volume IV with Kevin J. Anderson’s foreword and Brad Torgersen’s leading story will remain at $4.75 because of you!

    Dorothy Grant found a “more easily spotted” link, and so I’ve taken that and compiled the same “more easily spotted” links for the other three books here:

  20. Arrived a couple of days ago. Hooked as soon as I read the first story. Glad to help and excited to continue reading! B

    • Glad to hear this, Brien! Every one of these stories is my personal favorite. Which makes sense, since I personally picked them.

      Your comment is exactly why I wanted to move these books for a couple dollars rather than pay for them to be stored. I’d much rather have them read—loved or hated—than hidden in the dark.

      Plus, it was super fun to chat with Larry at LTUE. Even if no books had sold at all, it was worth going.

      — Brian Lewis

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