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Okay, by popular demand, here are the Monster Hunter Nation posts that you folks seem to love. Fiction and short stories are over on the other tabs.  This section is going to be under construction while I gather up the Best Of.

Writing Related

Correia on the Classics, or why I think high school English sucks:

Ask Correia – These are big posts that I’ve done when somebody has had a How To writing question. These started kind of small, and then went completely nuts. Sometimes the discussion in the comments is way smarter than anything I said.

#1 1st vs. 3rd Person

#2 Gun Stuff for Writers

#3 Sci-Fi Weapons

#4 Idea Management

#5 Writing Villians that Rock

#6 Writing Action

#7 The Ending

#8 The evils of Mary Sue

#9 Character Development

#10 How do you get published?

#11 Time Management for Writers

#12 The Writing Process

#13 Ripping Off Ideas

#14 How to be a Professional Writer

#15 Pacing

#16 Outlining vs Pantsing

Random Funny Stuff – Lagoon, it’s what fun is until it kicks you in the groin:

The WALL OF FLAME Challenge!!!!!  My account of how I tried to eat the hottest thing on Earth.

Shopping at Ikea.  I was #1 on Google for the misspelling of the word Swedish!

Gun Related Stuff – I spent many years as a firearms instructor and owning a gun store, so I’m pretty opinionated on these topics. These are some of my favorites that ended up on the MHN.

An Opinion on Gun Control.  This is the one that got read over a million times in 3 weeks. This is the monster post of all posts:

HK. Because you suck and we hate you (still the single biggest number of hits of anything I’ve ever written, and it is from 2007. Struck a nerve on this one!)

Carbine vs. Shotgun vs. Pistol for home defense

Roleplaying for CCW, its not just for geeks anymore!

This could go into the next section for Idiot Trolls, but here is my favorite Furry the Teutonic Panda Bear

Politics, Fisking, and Idiot Trolls:  I can get a little political at times, and I’ve really ticked off a lot of people. These are some of my personal favorite rants. Fisking stupid people is one of my hobbies. I have a 3rd degree black belt in Fisk. Can’t help myself.

The Internet Arguing Checklist

Ms. Magazine vs. Ironman 2  (yep, they still hate me over there)

Here I break down why my readership is a bunch of racist hatemongers

My simple rules for understanding racism

Understanding terrorism is as easy as understanding racism!

Then there the times that I’ve fought with the greatest idiot-troll of all time. Ladies and Gentlemen, NICKWOLF!

And again!

But wait, there’s MORE!

96 Responses

  1. On the evening of the full moon when Earl and Julie visit Owen at his apartment in Dallas, Earl obviously had to leave before he werewolfed out, but where did he have time to go so he wouldn’t eat anyone?

    • Shane, not revealed in MHI, but in MHA I go through what Earl’s fall back plans are if he is stuck away from home. 🙂

      • Thanks, I appreciate your answer. I bought the rtf E-ARCS for MHV and Hard Magic from Baen as well as another e-book copy of MHI. I have copies of all three in my phone. I spend sixteen plus hours a week in dialysis so it helps to have good books to pass the time. Each station has DirecTV basic, but repeats of “Charmed” & “Buffy” don’t do much for me. “Supernatural” repeats are a little better, but I’ve seen them all. You mentioned the E-ARC of MHA is coming up. I’m really looking forward to it. I’d also love to see more Tom Stranger segments. They’re great fun. I’m in the middle of “I Am Not A Serial Killer” and will pick up the other two in a few days. Thanks for pointing them out.

      • loved that book happy to find out about earl and his past but i cant wait to read more about my favorite character ever owen

    • In monster hunter alpha it says that he has a lock box in his truck that he goes to. In alpha the deputy was put in that box.

  2. are the old ones in yor stories Lovecraft inspired?

  3. Larry are you going to be signing books at dragoncon?

  4. Except for your 1st novel, I’ve read the rest as an ARC. I know “Dead Six” is available thru Amazon as pre-order. Will Baen (or at least a non-Kindle source) also be offering it? Thanks.

  5. Hi Larry,

    I just found your work on Audible. I drive a lot so I listen a lot. You really bring it man. I am looking forward to seeing Alpha on Audible. Any Idea when it will make it to Audible?

    • I believe July 26th.

      • You just made me a very happy Jr. Monster Hunter. (If middle aged men can be Juniors.)

        I really dig your work. I hope to be a fan of your for a loooong time.

  6. Hi Larry, My housemates and I absolutely love MHI books. I mean love them. Any way i’m a photographer and my roommate is a prop weapon modder his nerf guns are evil looking anyway. We were looking into airsoft weapons so that we can make MHI props I really want to make the abomination.
    One of the things I like about your two main Z and Jake the characters are big men. I’m a big guy ex-military and I’m so tired of the wiry characters big men hit hard and not just the kung fu fodder. 🙂
    We are also working on some concepts on making prop MHI body armor.

    We want to do our own portrait me the big guy as Z and my housemate as Earl we’ll see how it goes.
    One thing I have MHI on audible
    If I remember the abomination it is a Saiga 12 Full auto shotgun with light and 40 mm grenade launcher with a side flip silver knife.
    When it flips is the blade vertical or horizontal? We we’re thinking vertical because horizontal would take up to much room are we right on that? if it is horizontal what is the height of the blade.

    Thank you for reading.

    • It flips to the side of the handguard and folds flat into a recess. So if I’m understanding the question, then it is horizontal.

  7. Thank you Larry,
    I get it now we were thinking it was directly under the barrel so it would be just off center of the barrel.
    Thank you for the reply we are ordering alpha later today. When we get the mod done we’ll share 🙂

  8. Looks like a redesign on the forearm a-comin’… so much for “Keepin’ It Simple.” LOL

    Jason, are you a member at THR or WTA? If so, post your username and I’ll shoot you a note to see about putting heads together–I’m working up an Abomination build in live-iron.

  9. Nope not a member what are they maybe I’ll join 🙂

  10. Jason, THR is and WTA is , both fine Internet firearms forums. WTA is the Mecca of MHI fanfic…

  11. just finished MHA…. WOW!!
    plz keep them comming

  12. loved the new book. cant wait for more. I really like the accurate weapon description’s. that is hard to find in a book or hollywood. keep up the good work. you have a customer for life.

  13. Just finished MHA…Frustrating ending I must say but AMAZING freaking book. Can you say whose point of view the next book will be written in? Will it be Harbinger again or back to Owen or someone new?

    • Next up is Monster Hunter: Legion (written from Owen’s POV)
      Then comes Monster Hunter: Nemesis (Franks’ story)

  14. Thank you Larry just got the MHA in the mail. I really need a good read. Up to my eyeballs in work on my home and business development barely any time to go to the range. Thanks. I think the patch will go on my shooting jacket.

  15. oohhh Franks story now that sounds interesting. Larry if I order a autographed book from you can I specify which one. I would like to get an autographed copy of the first and 2nd MHI book I just got MHA in the mail and my patches 😉

  16. Mr. Correia, being one who enjoys both SF on many varieties (I would locate the Monster Hunters at the borderline between Science Fiction and Magical Fantasy.), and guns (Hey, pistol practice is the best fun a man can have whilst standing up and with one’s trousers on.), I wish to thank you for the Monster Hunter series. I will admit that one aspect of the world of your series made me angry, and that is the background of suppression of the “truth” (in the world of the series) by aggressive action of the government. Is that a stand-in for the attitudes of the governments of the world toward UFOs?

    Too, given that I cheerfully acknowledge you know more about this, I ask you whether it is in fact true that the full-house 10mm will beat the handgun which fires it, to death? I had heard this from many people before I retired, because I had put together on paper a “dream gun,” and had started enquiries toward accumulating the parts for it; but the plans attracted critics around the same time my cash stash disappeared in the maw of a hospitalization insurance shortfall. During most of my working life, I carried a .38″ Special revolver.

    • If you have a solid gun designed for 10mm, it isn’t a problem. The issue was with early ones like the Delta Elite, which would start to have frame problems.

  17. ‘m sure you hear this a million times but i just finished mhi alpha and i’m already reaady for the next book. when do you expect the next one to be out?

  18. I just finished Vendetta and I’m excited to start Alpha! Good stuff!

  19. Mr. Correia,
    I absolutely LOVE your MHI books. i found them when Vendetta came out, and have thoroughly enjoyed the series, especially this last twist by producing a Harbinger based book. I look forward to you producing a lot more for this series. And i hope you will continue to find powerful inspiration to keep going.

    P.S.- i’ve always wanted a book containing extensive gun battles AND high levels of detail. Thank You so much.

  20. Hello,
    I just finished reading Monster Hunter Venteda, I became a fan after Monster hunter International. I would like to know if there will be any more Monster Hunters to follow.

    Greg H.

  21. I’m almost done reading MHI and I love it. I have a couple of comments. When they came to Corinth to visit the Elf Queen, why didn’t they fly to Tupelo where they have rental car companies at the airport? Booneville’s airport is little more than a paved airstrip out in the country. Boonevegas doesn’t have any car rental places.:) It’s also dry, you can’t buy beer at the Piggly Wiggly. (There may be a few good ole boys that can hook you up, though.) You can buy beer at Walmart in Corinth.
    I’ve been to Burnsville and Iuka, which are both east of Corinth on 72, I can believe that trailer trash elves live there. There’s also a “gravity hill” over there, but the first place I thought of when they were headed for a mystical place north of Tupelo, was Witch Dance off the Natchez Trace.

    • Witt, you got me. 😀 Alternative universe. There was a place to pick up an Escort and you could get beer at the Piggly Wiggly. :

      • I give you a hard time, but I’m proud that someone wrote something about my area that didn’t involve Elvis. John Ringo wrote Princess of Wands, that character was from Tupelo and lived in Ridgeland, near Jackson. Ringo made a few mistakes about Tupelo, too, so you’re in good company. 🙂

  22. I love all your books.
    Question: in the Grimnoir Chronicles why does not a Heavy or Gravity Spiker like Jake Sullivan, with his control of gravity, use it to fly through the air like Superman?

  23. Thanks, I now have MHA in my phone, too. I’ve been in the hospital three month as of 12/16. I finally got web access a couple of days ago, so I haven’t had a chance to download D6 and Spellbound yet. I hope to get them by Friday. I’m looking forward to MHL so keep up the good work. Have yourself a wonderful Christmas and the twelve days that follow.

  24. […] Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter Nation – This collection of articles written by Larry Correia are of the anti-literature bent and […]

  25. […] И ещё, кстати, написал довольно много заметок про писательское ремесло. […]

  26. Larry,

    As a self-proclaimed monster and myth specialist (AKA an unemployed English major), I must say that I absolutely ADORE your books! You put so much knowledge and research into your novels, not to mention love, so how can I not love them back?

    Just wanted to say thank you for brightening up my life!

    C. Vaughn

  27. Hi Larry,

    How did you come to use the Copper Country as the location for the Alpha novel? Have you spent time there?

  28. Hi Mr Correia, thank you for the really wonderful books. I love both the Hard Magic and the MHI series and look forward to more books. I’m from Malaysia and hope that you will be able to incorporate some of the many myths and legends from Asia (and not only from China and Japan). I’m looking forward to the next book from you.

    • I’d love to mix some Malaysian mythology in there. The monster legends of south east Asia and the pacific are awesome. I can promise that there will be some in the future. 🙂

      • Mr Correia, that would be awesome to see monsters from South East Asia. The Malays have some really scary monsters like the Penanggalan. The Thais, Indonesians and Filipinos have variations of the same monster. Looking forward to see some of these south east Asian monsters 🙂

  29. Mr. Correia,

    Are the rumors of a zombie attack at the Democratic National Convention true? I was giggling to myself about what a bunch of zombies our representative government had turned itself into. Out of the blue I wondered how your might write it….

    Anyway. I am looking forward to reading more of everything you write.

    Best Regards,


  30. Mr. Correia, I was wondering, why aren’t your books on the kindle?

  31. Garland, they are on Kindle, go to, his books are there and cheaper than at Amazon. 🙂

  32. Hey Larry, I read the newest Monster Hunters online on the baen website and freakin loved it! when do you think the 5th monster hunters book will be available online? lol

  33. Any Idea when Monster Hunter Legion will be out on audio book format? Love you books thanks!!

  34. Mr. Correia, I’m not on board with your politics, and I never developed the romantic attachment to firearms that you have, but I’m thinking we both spent too many of our juvenile hours watching monster movies on late night tv. I’m looking forward to the new book. Thanks for bringing the old-time scary things back, and for keeping monsters monstrous, and your heroes heroic. I’ve also enjoyed your Grimnoir series, super-people in an alternate history, what’s not to like? Great action sequences in both series. Question: why set the latter series in the 1930s? Any particular reason?

    • Thanks. I’ve got no problem with anyone who disagrees with me. I love to discuss politics with rational folks. I save my rants and fisking for the willfully obnoxious. 🙂

      Grimnoir is set in the ’30s because I’ve always been fascinated by the time period. Then one day I was brainstorming an epic fantasy series with Mike Kupari and my son was reading an issue of Noir Spiderman.

      • Thanks for your reply. I also enjoy a sane, logical debate with people who disagree with me. I find it much more fun than preaching to the choir. Keeps me sharp, too. We all necessarily operate on the assumption that we are right, but, as Ben Franklin once said, every now and again we should entertain the humbling thought that we might be wrong. Again, looking forward to the next book, I’ve already pre-ordered it.

  35. My hat is off to anyone who can weave the grit of a 40’s era gumshoe with airships, Flash Gordon style SciFi and Magic. It is good stuff IMHO, looking forward to the next installation.

    Also Mr C. Those Monsters aren’t hunting themselves. We need some more OZP and company soon!

    Thanks for your great work, looking forward to more.


  36. Please get your books on the NOOK, love your writing keep it going.

  37. How does that work, i have never tried to download from a different location other than Barnes and Noble?

    • They have detailed instructions on the Baen page. You can either dump them onto your computer, and I know there is also a way to mail them directly to the device.

  38. love your work mr correia,glad to read on your blog that you’re diligently working on the new stuff,cause i am cought up:)

    the eternal curse of a writer is fans saying”hurry up on the next novels”
    the eternal curse of a fan is waiting for the next one.
    keep your powder dry sir

  39. I purchased the Monster Hunter series on Audible, and i listen to them while i paint- i must have listened to them 10 times each! Great work, very inspiring stuff- I’m actually going to be tattooing a lusca on one of my buddies tomorrow and were both super excited about it 🙂

  40. Any chance that Dead Six will show up as an Audible book?

  41. I’ve found lines in all of the Monster Hunter books that my family has used for YEARS! Totally hilarious, since we sorta just pass the same beat up copies between us:)

  42. Love your monster hunter books, and since your doing an RPG, here are some other series in the same genre that have RPGs. The Bureau 13 series came out as a RPG in 1983 and several great books by Nick Pollotta (I love in one book where they kill the aircraft carrier the enemy wizard animated by teleporting into the engine room and pumping 10 gallons of concentrated poison into the fuel system!). The original may be hard to find but a D20 reprint came out in 2008. Another one is a set of low budget films Demon Hunters & Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake by Dead Gentlemen Productions has its own RPG by Margeret Weis Productions that came out recently (Has a great introduction DVD included), and you can find it on sale at

  43. In your MHI books you mention that religious items work on vampires depending on faith and type, an idea I’ve seen before and which makes sense. My question is two fold, since so many workship the stuff, could a congressman hold off a vampire with money and how large a bill would it have to be? I expect it would at least be a 50 if not a 100. The things that pop into a mind when trying to get through 8 hours at work.

  44. Hello Larry, you are my favorite author writing at this time, in truth no one comes even close…I am currently reading Hard Magic and loving every second of it, I have to say that I was shocked that the artist who drew the pale horse “Harkeness” misspelled his name, this occurs on page 155, I almost fell out of my LazyBoy and that’s hard to do! I sincerely hope that you are never failed in this manner again…

  45. when is the next MHI book coming out andI think a Franks book kinda like what you did with earl in alpha would be awesome.

  46. First of all, love everything I have read from you so far. I can’t wait for more and more and more!!!!! Do have a bit of a bone to pick with you though. One would think that since your two mains are big huge dudes then you would be offering more clothes for big huge dudes. There are some shirts that come in 5xl but not many and none of the real awesome ones. How can I get some of the MHI stuff in gigantor size? And another thing, somebody really needs to proof Bronson Pinchot’s reading on the audible version. It really grates on my nerves to hear him say bar instead of B.A.R. and 30-oh 6 instead of 30-ought six. Other than that, he has done a wonderful job voicing your characters.

    • The reason for no big shirts is that we’ve just been using CafePress, so we’re kind of limited to what they offer.

      I don’t really have any part of the audio production, so that’s out of my hands. You’ve got to admit though, he does an incredible job on it though. 🙂

  47. Hi! New to this site (a couple of posts elsewhere), but I want to throw in my own thanks for the fun of the MHI series; especially since I’m a Birmingham, AL resident. Having such fun located in my neck of the woods is a hoot, even though you had to ‘modify’ certain names like Desoto Caverns just south of here! Looking forward to more books, both MHI and Grimnoir!

  48. Hi Larry,
    I stumbled upon the MHI audible edition by accident – best accident I have ever had! Terrific book that I couldn’t stop listening to. Not to mention, it led me here for some refreshing commentary. I have thoroughly enjoyed both and look forward to more.
    Thanks and keep ’em coming!

  49. Larry, I just want to thank you for a couple of very entertaining series. Both my husband and I listen to MHI and the Grimnoir Chronicle series from, and we try to listen at the same rate so to discuss the books, and so as not to give up spoilers to each other. My husband is a gun-nut, and I know nothing about them, so many of our conversations while listening to MHI deal with him explaining weaponry in detail to me. You are one of the rare writers that can’t put books out fast enough for our needs and desires. You are greatly appreciated!

  50. Awesome blog & books! Here is a blog you’d like, conservative and worth the read.
    Aside from that, I’d like to see a short story where Owen can’t sleep because he feels guilty about Loco, so he goes to the trailer park elf queen to get access to the alp world for a rescue. Could take Ed along too…

  51. I think this is the appropriate section to write this question, what is your policy on Fanfiction?

  52. A few months ago I got monster hunter international for my birthday and I just finished reading Monster Hunter Legion, the monster hunter series is honestly one of the only book series I’ve ever read all the way through. Unlike most books I read these ones kept me very entertained with all the action and monster fight scenes and it wasn’t a drag to read. While I was reading it was hard for me to stop because of how mindblowingly awesome every page was. The characters were all so developed and interesting and the main character was really relateable. I was amazed with the gun detail and wasnt expecting that vivid detail out of a monster book. I think these books were all 5/5 stars. I am really loking forward ro the 5th book and will definitely pre order it if possible.

  53. Love all of your books I work 12 hrs a day mon thurs on a factory floor so quality audio books are a must and you are the best really hope to see a new book in 2014

  54. i love your monster hunter series, BUT i prefer buying your novels in paperback! i just wish book sellers would let us know WHEN the paperback version is coming out!

  55. Hi Larry my wife and I met you at Uncle Hugos in Minnesota….my tattoo is on your website. Very cool! Just wondering when your going to give people the opportunity to get their name in one of your books. Im all in brother!
    Take care,
    ps im getting the mission statement tattooed under the logo

  56. I picked up Monster Hunter: Nemesis after generally not being as thrilled with MH as the Grimnoir Chronicles. I hope Mr Corrirra returns to that world someday, although it was wrapped up so perfectly, that its probably best left the way it is. MH has a bug for me. That “mission” of keeping muggles in the dark about spooky things. Its wrong, somehow. It really wouldn’t matter if more people knowing would”blur the lines”, and make it easier for supernatural critters to enter or what not. You could never ever have a good enough reason to keep knowledge in the hands of the elite few. That thinking is icky.
    Besides, most people would be happy to find out they were going to go to Hell when they died. Its a lot better then what most of us believe deep down; That there is nothing beyond the physical. We all fear we are not going to Hell or Heaven or anywhere. Just to not existing. So no matter how scary a monster, its a lot scarier then the knowledge that there are no monsters…which also means there are no supernatural possibilities of any kind, including religion. Maybe thats too picky. Its not meant to be a serious theological work, obviously. Still, the way the Grimnoir novels dealt with pedestrian knowledge worked much better for me. Nemesis is a nice book. Franks is very funny, and a great character. Looking forward to the other things Mr Corrierra may write outside MH also.

  57. Come to think of it…The Bible tells us that there are such things as demons and Leviathan is described in it. So if the knowledge that demons really exist is a bad thing for humanity, as it blurs these lines, and anglels hire Franks to make sure that doesn’t happen….then how come that information is in the Bible? See? Doesn’t that snag a bit? I know I’m overthinking it. But thoughts like that crop up as one reads…..

    • The Deal (with God) wasn’t to keep monsters secret. It was to chase them from Earth. The Contract (with Ben Franklin) was to work for the proto-MCB. I’ve never specified if the government’s First Reason is correct or not. The MCB thinks it is. Many think they’re wrong.

  58. Hey Mr. Correia!

    I just finished Nemesis. Now I am taking it from the top and starting through again. I really enjoyed stepping out of the MHI team for a bit and getting the perspective of another mainstay.

    One thing I have been wondering about since reading your books is what political orientation many of the monsters you depict might have. It could be fun to explore sometime I suppose.

    You are building quite a fun universe here. I am looking forward to my next opportunity to experience the Monster Hunter world. I sure enjoy your work and look forward to your future offerings.

    Dave in Indy

  59. I just wanted to say I have bought all you books and love them. Thanks for the great stories and hope to read more in the future. Although I was wondering if you had read any works by Michael Clary author of the Guardian Interviews series? I enjoyed them and highly recommend them to anyone who likes the Monster Hunter series.

    Thanks again for the great works!!!

  60. So when is the next MHI book coming out?

  61. What did you think of the movie Troll Hunter?

  62. Just reading thru the multiple comments related to your post on rape culture and what not. I’ll admit to enjoying the discourse even though it’s limited to 140 characters. Really makes one succinct.

    I really enjoyed the Grimnoir series and I’m working through Book four of MHI now. Good stuff! Glad I discovered your work.

    Went to the range yesterday for the first time thanks to a Christmas gift from my wife. My friends said I did well for my first time shooting. Admittedly, I’m finding much to research while reading your novels with regards to handguns. Fascinating what’s available and in limitless combinations.

    As a teacher our lockdown drills constantly hover at the surface and we live in soft lockdown mode (doors always locked). I’m not fond of the environment like this, but it seems that the local mindset requires strictures these days. Fortunately, the kids don’t seem to notice and are more concerned about hair style, shoes, the opposite sex, and, occasionally, academic pursuits.

    So, please keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to reading more and hopefully meeting you at a con in the future.


    Brien T

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